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Opinions on the "Ever" label

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Though I would like to say this is the most annoying brand to search for, especially on e-bay, I am liking this brand very much. I am impressed with the subtle detailing on the Ever parka especially (I own this) as well as his other pieces. Any opinions on this brand? Check out these jeans, for example...just a relaxed fit and nice subtle detailing--a welcome change from the mega-whiskered varieties.
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The brand is okay - very L.A. in a James Perse type of way.  Imagine people chillin' outdoors at a coffee shop on Beverly, or going shopping at Trader Joes or something.  I like the super soft distressed sweatshirts, and the t-shirts are really soft too.  But these are not really built to last.  The treatment they undergo *really* vintagizes them.  The jeans are okay too, though I find the cuts not particularly special or interesting, and the denim is just okay, imo.  Again, though, the cut is very L.A., a little loose, and probably meant to be worn hanging off the hips (thus the low inseam length).  The sweatshirt I have was produced by Great China Wall, another L.A. company which specialized in distressed and customized looking pieces.   One thing about Ever is that the sizes are really generous and the cuts deliberately a little oversized.  I usually take a medium, and the medium sweatshirts and outerwear pieces I find really big.  Not sure about the jeans, as I've never tried on a pair.
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I'm speaking just about the jeans, i haven't checked out the shirts or anything. Anyhow i heard good things about their jeans and well i checked some out a few weeks ago and well i was less than impressed (probibly to hiped). They denim quality is like LA Guy said, are just OK. When buying jeans i would much rather have a pair of AG or JP Da'mage (i'm a big fan of these right now). Also as for fit they weren't my style at all. I think they looked awful on me and the washes they have out aren't to impressive in my opinion. just my .02 nik
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