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Kitsuni size 29 skinny Jeans

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I have for sale a pair of Kitsuni waist size 29 jeans that I purchased from Bloomingdales SOHO about 2 months ago. Paid $300. Unfortunately they are just a tad to slim on me and I rather try to recoup some of that money back rather than have them sit in my closet. They are beautiful jeans. Dark wash, with a 7 inch leg opening at the bottom. They were professionally hemmed with the bottoms kept, and the inseam is 31 inches now.

$95 shipped to 48 states. I have a paypal rating of 80, and am verified. My paypal record shows that I am a reliable seller although I am new to this forum. Please feel free to ask any questions. ALso note that the camera makes the Denim look lighter than it really is. Also were washed cold only once initially. They have been only worn once.

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Is the waist a true 29 inches? Is there any stitching on the back pocket (can't tell from that pic)?
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No stitching on the back pocket. These actually fit like a 30 inch waist. I am a true 30 and they fit perfect.

Here is another pic of the back pocket. This pic shows the true color of the wash:
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What's your paypal address?
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Still for sale. I have 2 interested parties. First come first serve.
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New Price $85.00 shipped. FIRM
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payment sent
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Going on ebay tonight
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hey uh... if you're not sending me the jeans, I'm going to want my money back.
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Hmm, i thought hes gonna sell the jeans to me.... what's going on..
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No idea. I sent payment weeks ago and now he says they're going on eBay.
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so can you get any nissan primera P11 jdm parts? if so send me an email dope jeans by the way
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I could use some DC5R parts, actually.
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I don't get this thread anymore....
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Sorry guys they are sold. Andrew abov sent paypal a while ago and had no idea! He never replied to my email that he actually sent payment. That combined with the fact that I have so many paypal transactions going on led to the confusion. Anyway my mistake and I apologize to him. I am mailing them out this morning. Thanks

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