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Castangia update

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I really enjoy it when forum members post pictures of clothes on their body, so I figure I'll lead by example. Thus, here's a picture of me overdressed for a matinee. The first thing that jumps out is that the right sleeve needs to be shortened about 1/4" to 3/8". Second thing: Jeez, I'm deformed. Right shoulder's so much lower than the left...right hands falls much lower than left. Results in the buttons not lining up in the center. Oh well, is this going to get better or worse over time??? Anyway, suit by Castangia, shirt by Barba, linen tie by Kiton, belt by Gucci, monkstraps by Prada. All criticism is welcome.
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I love the jacket. I always get flap pockets, so it's neat to see no flaps. Pants are much narrower than I would wear. I like the lapel roll very much.
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I should have been a lawyer...
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That's a really nice suit, I was considering picking up the 42 but didn't end up doing so, and now I wish I had... Very sharp outfit.
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Mostly I notice the pants - they should just barely break on the shoes. But it looks like they might have slipped down and are actually the correct length... edit - I just realized - the light spot showing below the waist closure button is your belt buckle, not your shirt...
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Jacket fits nice.  especially shoulders. You may want to do somthing about that pants though.  Too much cloth piled up around your break.  I do not know how well your croach fits, but if croach length is too long, by shorting it, the pants will get shorter, thus, it may fix the leg problem.  Otherwise, shorten the legs please.
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That is a beautifully fitting coat.
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Thank you all for the comments. Regarding the break of the trousers, I agree, looks like it could go up maybe .5-.75". So strange, looked great at the tailor's; and I brought proper shoes so I could try them on too. A very slight break was something that both my tailor and I immediately agreed on (as opposed to proper sleeve length), so I know that it's gotta be pretty close. I'm still having belt issues, so maybe that could be it too. Thanks for the compliments on the fit of the jacket. Right now I'm considering whether I should go with WW Chan for a bespoke suit, or spend $700 on a suit from ebay with an additional $100 for alterations. A bespoke suit is very tempting, but it sounds like I'm getting sufficiently close with RTW. Besides, I should probably get more experience before taking the plunge...and when I do, I should use a place with that will do multiple fittings. Any thoughts?
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I assume you bought the suit from Andrew (I almost bought the 40) but had already bought two other suits from him. If you did, you got a terrific deal. I was also considering made to measure but find that RTW fit on the suits I bought from Andrew (Barbera and St. Andrews) were more than satisfactory. Based on the photos, the jacket fit and line looks very good on you, so why undertake the expense and uncertainty of made to measure if (and I mean if) there is product of similar quality available on EBay.
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Ahhh, so you were the one who turned down this suit. Andrew mentioned that there was someone ahead of me interested in buying, but turned it down because he had too many grey suits...was that you? You're right, it was a terrific deal. It's actually a bit heavy for all but the coldest evenings in Los Angeles, but it works out well because super 150's isn't something you want to wear everyday anyway. It's my 'special occasions' suit. And you make a great point about the uncertainty factor in buying bespoke. I'm 95% sure I'll go with RTW, because there are so many great deals to be had on ebay. The thing is, I'm getting fitted for shirts with Chan, so I hope I don't get too caught up in the moment and have a suit made as well.
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Based on the photos, the jacket fit and line looks very good on you, so why undertake the expense and uncertainty of made to measure if (and I mean if) there is product of similar quality available on EBay.
I agree. The only reasons for you to go MTM or bespoke would be if you had some incredibly specific ideas about fabric or detailing that you wanted, and couldn't find; or if you are just a clothing nutcase (like me.) who enjoys the experience. From the look of your photo, you certainly don't need bespoke for the fit.
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Beatyful. The jacket looks almost like bespoke, from picture. Why don't you try just to dress the trousers higher on the waist? Obviously if you have space ...
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