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Hey guys! My first post here! I'm very happy to be on "board". I'm looking for an bag for school, simple, not to fancy. I havn't found anyone - just bags wich look like gripsack for girls and these "male-bags": Would be very thankful for ideas! Thanks! Tino
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Like a messenger bag? Try Jack Spade or Mulberry, actually those are really uninspired stock suggestions but you need to be a little more specific as to your needs.

Edit: didn't see you had already posted a pic of a Jack Spade bag.
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run a search on school bags or messengers
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... I have no associations, it should be a bag wich you hold in hand.. It's difficult to explaine, because i really have no association..

Maybe this style;

The problem is, i don't have a clue on / about / of (whats correct?) bag (brands).
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Timbuk2 bags are GREAT. Look at the messengers. Durable and quite stylish at the same time.
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Thanks for the link. I think they are to sporty - i look for somethink more elegant. Not so easy..
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We had a recent discussion about bags in this thread... with lots of pictures!
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I think the short answer is Filson. You can get them direct or get them 'broken in' (ew) from Context.
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Yeah! Thanks a lot! I'm decidet to design my "perfect-personal-bag" on my own - maybe that's the way to get my perfect bag Thank you very much for insperation..!
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wait a minute.... why is a 3 year old thread getting bumped?
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you bumped it?
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Haha, someone deleted their post so that it looked like I bumped it
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Maybe he bumped it because if the dude made a new topic about a bag, people here would get their panties in a knot over it like they always do lol
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