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Colombo Cashmere

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I recently came across some knitwear, hats, and outerwear by Colombo. Super-pricey, on par with Loro Piana in terms of extravagance. I was wondering people's opinions on their knitwear in terms of quality and how it ranks with some of the other elite makers (e.g. TSE, Malo, Avon Celli, etc.). I'm pretty familiar with TSE and Malo, but still cant justify the prices LP demands (even at significant discount). cheers, NC
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Don't know as I haven't worn both, but Spalla on AskAndy once claimed it was far superior to L.P.
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I think they're both at the top of the heap, though Colombo seems to make products in much, much smaller quantities and is thus perhaps more exclusive/rare. I have one each of Colombo and Loro Piana cashmere jackets.  Both are beautiful, comfortable, etc.  However, the one thing that sets apart the Colombo is that it appears to be nearly completely handmade.  There's only a 1/4-lining across the shoulders and in the sleeves, otherwise the stitching is completely visible.  Everything appears to have been pieced together by hand (b/c the stitching, while neat/proper, is not at all uniform). By the way, both Colombo and Loro Piana can be found on EBay (though there's lots of "Loro Piana fabric" items of unknown quality that are not actually made by LP -- similar to all the Zegna "fabric" suits), so make sure to see pictures of the label before buying.  Colombo usually goes for high prices even on EBay, as there seem to be enough people who know about it.  Also, both can be found at Filene's Basement.  I bought my Colombo jacket there....
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