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Winners Please Note: If you'll excuse my spelling of your name, I'll excuse your handwriting on the Raffle Entry Card!!!

Grand Prize
Donated by and Zimmerli of Switzerland - Valued at $2500+
His and Hers Mega-Package: An Entire Week of Zimmerli of Switzerland

WINNER: Jonathan J. Fischer
Please email Man's Size (S-XXL), choice of Briefs or Boxers, and Woman's Size (S-L)

A Most Exclusive Zimmerli Package, consisting of a special assortment of seven men's shirts, seven women's shirts & camisoles, seven men's briefs or boxers, seven women's panties, a men's

superfine merino sweater, a woman's cotton spaghetti strap beach/sundress, a women's Eternity Swiss Cotton nightshirt pajama, and a pair of men's Filo di Scozia cotton pajamas.**

First Prize
Donated by: Jerry Goldfischer's Artistic Links - Valued at $900
An Antique Japanese Tie Tack, c. Early 1900's

WINNER: Ryan W. Schlaghem

Bishamonten, God of Dignity: This God is known as the Guard of Honor of the Buddha and a guard of the East. He is seen holding a miniature pagoda in one hand and a long spear in the other. He is considered

the guard of treasures. *

Second Prize
Donated by and Marcoliani-Milan - Valued at $600+
His and Hers Mega-Package: An Entire Week of Socks!

WINNER: Michael J. Sheppeard

An exclusive assortment of Men's Cashmere, Women's Cashmere, Men's Merino, Women's Merino, Men's Cotton, Women's Cotton, Men's Sport, Women's Sport, ... a complete array of 14 fabulous pairs

of assorted Dress, Casual, Luxe, and Sport socks for Him and for Her. **

Third Prize
Donated by Jon Green New York Fine Custom Clothiers - Valued at $600+
His or Hers Jacketing Or Formal Checked Trouser cloth

WINNER: Kenneth Raimondo

Jacket -or- Formal Checked Trouser cut (2.25 yd) Drapers 11-13oz 80% Wool/20% Cashmere black and white houndstooth check. *

Fourth Prize
Donated by and Hilts-Willard, Glove Specialists Since 1878 - Valued at $250+
His and Hers Package: Two Pairs of Lambskin Cabretta Gloves

WINNER: John Birmingham

Please email Man's Size (S-XL) and Woman's Size (S-L)

Beautiful and exclusive Made-in-England, Lambskin Cabretta, Cashmere-lined Two-toned Dress Gloves for Him and for Her. Add a bit of splash to your dash! **

Fifth Prize
Donated by Kabbaz-Kelly Fine Custom Shirtmakers and American Sember Trading Co. - Valued at $300+
His or Hers Ultrafine Shirtings

WINNER: Thomas Mastronardi

From Alumo of Switzerland, the world's finest shirting mill, a shirt-length cut of the latest 2x2 200s broadcloth, a shirt-length cut of the new 3x3 160s broadcloth, and a shirt-length cut of 2x2 170s

broadcloth. *

Sixth thru Tenth Prizes
Donated by - Valued at $140+ each
Five Grab-Bags of European Men's Socks

Robert W. Storm
Larry Teitelbaum
James T. Gunn
Jamison Stoltz
Barry Chaiken

Final Additions to the Raffle:

From Jonathan Fisher's Four-In-Hand, three sets of three ties each:

John Lee
James T. Gunn
Mike Boehm

And from the brand new

A pair of Shell Cordovan boots of the winner's choice from the sample collection of Ron Rider's new brand set to debut later this year!

WINNER: Roger Bencivenga
(Please email your shoe size)

A Collection of Sartorial Excellence Copyright ©2005 Alexander S. Kabbaz
Photos Copyright ©2007-2008 Alexander S. Kabbaz - All Rights Reserved - Reproduction Prohibited