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Ok, so what's the deal - RLBL by Corneliani or Canali?

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There has been discussion about how varying lines of Blue Label have different manufacturers. I've read Canali on some signature suits/jackets and I've also read Corneliani on signature suits as well. Can someone give me the breakdown?

Here's one post from A Harris about this:

Any insight? Is Blue label currently manufactured by both canali and corneliani (depending on the line)?

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I am by no means any expert, but I've never believed that Canali makes for Polo. First, I've asked numerous salespeople at various Ralph Lauren stores. None of them had ever heard anything about Canali making for RL. Of course, most of these salespeople are pretty uninformed, but the ones I spoke with seemed to know what they were taking. Second, every Polo coat I've ever checked (Black Label and Purple Label excluded) have had the same Corneliani tag, and I've looked at probably 100 tags over the past couple years, including the Signature label. Third, I own at least two of each Canali, Polo, and Corneliani. The Polos and Corneliani have the same tags. The Canali tag is not that different looking, but enough so that it's clearly different. Finally, the cut is just different. Canali coats just don't have the same cut as any of the Ralph Lauren coats I've ever tried on or seen. Again, I have no real knowledge other than what I've just explained, but that all seemed like pretty strong evidence to me.
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I thought the controversy was whether it was Corneliani or Ma.Co. I don't believe Canali is in the running.
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If you guys want to ad to the confusion I can take Lanvin labels pictures, they're by the same maker (Ma. Co according to Iammatt, Corneliani according to Edmorel).
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When I was at the Boston RL store in January, I spoke to my sales associate and the men's manager about this rumor. Both we certain that Corneliani makes Polo Blue Label suit, and that would not change anytime soon.
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With Ralph, anything is possible. But I've yet to see any blue label that made me think it was by someone other than Corneliani. Even my fully canvassed blue label coat appears to be by Corneliani.
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Pretty sure all the Made in Italy RLBL jackets are Corneliani
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and RL Black Label is by Caruso, aka Ma.Co. As stated earlier, they also make Lanvin suits. Purple Label is usually St. Andrews.
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