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TV Style

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I admit it, lately, I've been watching waaaay too much TV. Since March, when I settled into a pretty true 9-5 work schedule, I've been on a steady diet of primetime television. I thought I'd start a thread with a couple comments on style points I'd noticed on television, and invite any other members to comment as well. Recently: 1. Arrested Development: I really like this show, but am also interested in the visual concept of it, which seems to be very thoroughly worked out. A lot of characters have distinctive dress, from David Cross's never nude denim cutoff shorts to Jason Bateman's casual, unbuttoned jacket and tie style. 2. The Wire - Also, carefully worked out wardrobes, I think, despite some cop-cliches. Also, my roomate wondered at my sharp intake of breath last night when one character snipped off another character's tie when he fell asleep at work. That's just not funny   Anyone else see anything interesting on tv lately?
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The Wire is the best show on TV nobody watches.
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