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I suppose you only wear brown suits in the "country",  only wear black shoes after 6 pm, and never let the fairer sex see your braces, since that would be the lowest of the low in your mind.
I put off my jacket, may be I should not because = I suppose you only wear brown suits in the "country" = correct Wear black shoes after 6 pm = correct but for suit, black shoes = always Never let the fairer sex see your braces = I show because I leave my jacket. Leaving my jacket make me break 2 rules....
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Ernest, no offense, but you are an idiot.
Thanks. Why?
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As I remarked over on the "pet peeves" thread, I detest the look of a man in shirt and tie with no jacket--a very half-a$$ed way to dress up. (Worse yet is the sartorial atrocity of the man with or without jacket who unbuttons his collar button and yanks down his tie.) I will mention that if I elect to wear coat and tie, I do not remove the coat unless I plan to undress. This goes for my car or my office, as well. If a man is in the privacy of his office and removes his jacket, that seems innocuous. After all, we are all starked naked in our bedrooms and bathrooms daily, but we're sure not going to appear in public that way. This whole thread seems to forget that we live in an air-conditioned world, and very few of us are going to have make long treks on foot in business attire, whatever the weather. Wrinkling? Never a problem for me that a day or two of hanging wouldn't cure--and almost all my suits and sport coats are moderately priced department store RTW. As I mentioned over on the "pet peeves" thread, shirt and tie without a coat just screams "low-grade retail clerk" to me. If some dress code imposed that on me, I would prefer a bow tie, just so I wouldn't have the damn tie flopping around. Some may consider bow ties "dorky" or eccentric, but I consider tie clips worse in that regard.
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This whole thread seems to forget that we live in an air-conditioned world.
False because = 1) many places in France have no air conditioned 2) you have ALWAYS some people who want to turn off the AC as it makes them ill or some people who open windows which make the AC stop 3) AC doesn't often work properly so is not able to cool off properly when it is 35° C ouside. Anyway, the main reason is to avoid using very quickly the sleeve of my jacket when I spend all the day moving my mouse. I will not get used my 1 200 euros suits in 2 mounths in order to keep my jacket with people who don't care about it and who would even find odd that I keep my jacket.
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Ernest, mon vieux, even though I may bear a French name, I am glad to be a citizen of the United States where things work as they should. In fact, my biggest beef with air conditioning is that it frequently makes my office too cold in hot weather--all the more reason to keep my jacket on. Although much of my work is done with a computer--I'm a magazine editor--I can't recollecting inflicting excessive wear on my sleeve cuff by operating a mouse.
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I think that looks really odd. If it is summer, and you can't dress your jacket, probably it is made with an inappropriate fabric for the season. Forget super-super-super something fabrics; linen, tropical wool, mohair, gabardine, hopsack are all fabric that helps traspiration because of the particular construction. All the rest, super-something and cashemere are good for winter or autumn as they do not help traspiration. Also a jacket without lining, at least the back of the jacket and sleeves, can help.
Exactly. The right fabric and whatnot. What I do though, and you all perhaps will take note, is wear a jacket and tie, without a shirt. I find this to be an acceptable alternative. Especially when wearing a bow-tie. Sometimes I make a concession and wear detachable cuffs. But never a dickie.
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Here in Singapore, long-sleeved business shirts with a tie is considered the standard business attire and is already considered 'formal' enough for events like wedding dinners. It is usually the more well-paid individuals here who choose to wear suits, otherwise, it is completely optional, and not to mention suits are expensive. Temperatures here are a constant 30 (plus-minus 2) degree celsius, so, wearing the jacket around in the open isn't wise. But even in the office, with jackets and all, a person wearing a suit is seldom seen, unless he is a high level employee, works for a company selling suits, or is a foreigner who is more used to wearing a jacket. So, a person wearing a suit here is rare, which is why I enjoy playing 'spot the suit wearing man'. The further away from the business district, the funner it gets. I did come across someone wearing a suit in my neighbourhood... for the first time here. Tuxedoes is even rarer still, and probably owned by people attending formal functions all the time. Otherwise, it is usually rented, because our formal functions don't usually have strict dress codes. Of course, 5 or 6 star hotels is another story. White-tie? What white-tie? I've seen no such animal, although I think the abovementioned hotels would have employees wearing it. WJTW
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This is ridiculous, Styling is one thing, but practicality/comfort are far more important than being stylish at work. If you are at an office where you need wear suits, I think it's perfectly fine to take jacket off. If I am doing computer work or doing some paper work while sitting, I cannot wear suit jacket. It would create such discomfort, hence, will effect my work performance. However, if you are going to outside of your work area where clients and other executives may be seen, then you should wear jacket. I also like idea wearing brown shoes during the day black shoes at night.
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To make my point clear - I'm not talking about what people do in private. They can wear a santa suit for all it matters. If you are in public you never know who you will meet. It seems like a bad strategy to get about in an ugly outfit.
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I once thought that a shirt and tie (no jacket) ensemble was incomplete.  Until I had clients in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.  Not only is it the standard mode of dress, as WJTW and a couple of others point out, but it really is the most practical.  When I first arrived in Singapore, I thought I would maintain my normal way of dressing, i.e., putting on my suit coat when leaving a building.  It took one day of absolutely soaking through my my shirt (and then freezing when going back indoors.) to convince me that my NY ways were folly.   So while the look may take some getting used to for some, I dare say that most if not all of the people showing disdain for this concept would quickly adapt and learn to like it if forced to live in a truly tropical locale (no, Florida doesn't count).
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MilanoStyle, If your jacket is so uncomfortable that you cannot sit down and do computer work or paper work without being distracted while wearing it, maybe you need a new tailor. I can't imagine the coats I wear being of better quality than those of somebody who styles himself "Milano Style".
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To the ones that detest this look, have you ever thought that not everyone is as privileged enough to own 1 suit, let alone several? As a fresh-out-of-college-grad, I wore shirt-tie, no jacket often. I was working in Beverly Hills at the time, it's hot enough where a jacket is unnecessary most of the time. To boot, I only had 1 suit (for my interviews) and 1 sport coat. I'm glad those days are far behind me now. But I would never look down on them.
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And for those that do not like pulled down tie/unbuttoned top button, this is also a matter of comfort. Yes, we live in an AC-world, but many of us do a lot of walking as part of our commutes. In NYC summers, after I've walked several blocks to catch a train, the last thing I would want is to have sweat stains on my nice dress shirts. Hence, I unbutton AND roll up my sleeves AND carry my jacket. You would detest me.
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I won't see a customer in shirtsleeves, even in the tropics in monsoon, but in my office I would never keep my jacket on. and I have been known to take my jacket off in a resteraunt, if it wasn't a formal occasion and I didn't think that I would run into customers.
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I take my jacket off in my office every day. For important meetings, I put it on. In restaurants, my preference is to leave it on. If it's really hot in the restaurant, I will not hesitate to take it off, however.
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