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Why do people wear a shirt and tie with no jacket?

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Why do some stores make their employees do this? Are they trying to make the staff look ridiculous or does management really think that this is any better than a polo shirt? And why do people go to work in a jacket, then take it off and get around in public like that? Chances are it's the ugliest look I'll see on any given day - the fat man with a tucked in shirt and tie forming an arc across his belly. Unless you're avril lavigne I don't think you can wear a tie without a jacket on, what do you all think?
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Exactly. Wearing a shirt & tie with no jackets stinks the big one. Very very silly and vexatious. ;>
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If you are talking about the Kinkos guy, who is forced to wear a clip on tie with his short sleeve company branded dress shirt, then yes, that looks a bit silly. But often times, during the hot summers of NYC, I leave my air conditioned office for lunch with my shirt and tie, but no jacket. Im certainly not going to wear the jacket on a 95 degree day, especially if I dont have to meet a client. I hardly think it looks ridiculous, it looks like Ive taken my jacket off because its a hot day. Furthermore, if I have to leave the AC office to meet clients, I would never wear the jacket on the walk over, since by the time I get to my appointment I will be drenched in sweat. So I just carry the jacket, and I dont think that looks odd either. Are you saying its better to be soaked with sweat that simply take your jacket off??
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I think wearing a shirt without a tie is completely acceptable. In Asia, this is the standard business attire.
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I think both look equally silly. In my opinion the Kinkos employee will often look better because both himself and his shirt are much slimmer. But billowing dress shirts are another issue. I suffer (not that much really) and keep the jacket on.
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You honesty keep you jacket on in the heat just so nobody sees you with a dress shirt and tie? I just dont get that at all. I am lucky enough to have all my shirts made by T&A or BB, so I dont suffer from the billowing shirt sydrome that we see so often. In fact, I am so maniacal about how my shirts fit that I am almost proud to walk around with no jacket on, since I think my shirts are well made, stylish, and can stand on their own with no jacket present. And I can hardly believe you can walk around in the dead of summer with a suit coat on and not look like you have just been sprayed with a hose. Do you have no sweat glands??
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I think that looks really odd. If it is summer, and you can't dress your jacket, probably it is made with an inappropriate fabric for the season. Forget super-super-super something fabrics; linen, tropical wool, mohair, gabardine, hopsack are all fabric that helps traspiration because of the particular construction. All the rest, super-something and cashemere are good for winter or autumn as they do not help traspiration. Also a jacket without lining, at least the back of the jacket and sleeves, can help.
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I find that a summer jacket doesn't have much effect on how much I sweat, so maybe I'm lucky.
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I have all the appropriate summer weight suits, but thats not really the issue. I could be naked, when its 97 degrees out with 95 percent humidity, I WILL sweat. So will you. No ifs and or buts. I guess to each his own, just seems like the oddest thing to wear a jacket in that heat. To me at least, I would rather arrive at my destination crisp and dry instead of all soggy and dishevled. I keep hearing that it looks odd, but why exactly? Does it look sloppy to you somehow?
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I'm not saying that I don't sweat, I do when it's hot. A jacket doesn't seem to make that much difference and when I do sweat I prefer to have a suit to cover any sweat marks on the pits of my shirts. I also think it looks incomplete and lazy. The tie will flap around everywhere and that makes it seem silly. I think 'why are you wearing this thing around your neck with no jacket to hold it in? It's out of control and all over the place - just take it off.'
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Actually, I wear a tie clip 99% of the time, I have built up a nice collection over the years. So, in your office, you never take off your jacket either?
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I'll take off my jacket in private but I also take off my tie. To me wearing a tie with no jacket just screams 'I have to wear this stuff but I don't really care how I look.' Maybe it's just a question of personal taste and I'm anal, that's why I put it up for discussion.
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I can see your point, but if you have well tailored dress shirts that look stylish, perhaps with cufflinks, then how does that look like a person doesnt care how they look?
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i would never consider wearing shirt & tie without a jacket..however, i can't imagine sitting at my desk all day with my jacket on..those guys who look terrible in just shirt & tie probably don't look much better with their jackets on..if i had to meet the public all day i wouldn't remove my jacket.. by the way, also can't abide those guys in restuarants who remove jackets,roll up sleeves,undo collar and pull down tie (&/or, even worse yet, throw tie over their shoulder)
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To me that looks incomplete. Like wearing a suit with no socks.
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