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I don't know if I'd do that for fear of public indecency, but it may work in OP's case.

I'd trip over it, otherwise.

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Not trying to "sucker" anyone into buying anything from me. Look around or make your own or just give up adn make jokes. I just answered the guys question becuase I actually have experience with his issue and had to coem u0p with a solution for myself. I carry an auto-injector and it is life and death. And if you are concerned about your life and your "style" then you need to look at all options. Jokes about what side you "dress' on don't seem to address a real question. But its your forum. Enjoy it in style.

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And you really didn't think he had figured out how to carry his epi-pen in the five years this thread has been dormant?  Really?


Look, I hope you all the success in the world with your leather goods, but I think there are better ways of promoting your site.  Perhaps you should have contacted the admins about creating an official thread.  At least then you could offer your product without looking like a spammer.

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As it is so important why worry about these things? It is hardly so big that it will be noticed and few would give it a second thought.
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