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Concealing an epi-pen.

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I have been blessed with a severe allergy and must carry an epi pen with me at all times. This poses quite a problem. I don't want to carry my epi pen while wearing dry denim as I really don't want a huge tube fade in my jeans. I also don't always have somewhere to put it while wearing board shorts.

Heres a picture:
The measurement is 15cm long.

Sadly I have to carry this with me at all times or else I may kick the bucket if I end up eating something I am allergic to by accident. Thus, not carrying it is not an option.

Where should I conceal it?!

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I don't envy your dilemma- my wife has to carry an epi-pen as well, which often means that (depending on her outfit) I am carrying it for her. You can tuck it in a jacket pocket, although if you prefer a more European, slim-cut suit you might ruin the line of the jacket. A controversial decision would be to carry a bag or purse of some sort. That takes a lot of guts, though, as you are bound to run into some mockery. At least you'll have good reason. As for pants? I think you've already ruled out all of your options there.
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How about on a cord around your neck? Maybe you could get a nicely tooled leather tube or something like that for casual wear. It will call attention to itself, however you feel about that. Obviously, it is not an issue if you are wearing a sportcoat.
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If you want to take the tactical geek approach, have a holster maker make a custom kydex or concealex sheath for you. They can do modular attachments so that you can put it around your neck on a ball chain or attach it to your waistband/belt. You can send them an empty or an epi-pen trainer to ensure that they get a proper fit.
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I have no problems wearing it when its cooler but in Saskatchewan we get quite extreme temperatures in the summer and a jacket is not always an option. I need to figure out a way to have it on me while wearing a slim t-shirt aswell.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
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Take 550 parachute cord and take out the inside white cords. Use it to lanyard your EpiPen, and just hide it inside your pants and loop the lanyard through your belt loop or your belt so it doesn't fall. Unless you wear tight pants, it should work fine. That's the tactical geek way to do it without having a goofy looking Kydex attachment.
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I would vote for a small bag of some kind. You could get a relatively masculine looking messenger or something similar. I hate carrying things in my trouser or jeans pockets (e.g., wallet, bulky keys, etc.), and consequently resort to a small bag in summer months. Once you make th adjustment, it's not so bad. I haven't been ridiculed once, and depending on the kinds of friends you have, most people won't really care.
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I am unsure as to the wisdom of concealing this life-saving device. As you likely know, the symptoms of true anaphylaxis can be extremely rapid, including sufficient laryngeal swelling to impair your ability to vocalize. Not to mention that you and everyone around you will likely be in some state of panic.

Do you wear a medic-alert bracelet or necklace?

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How about strapping it to your lower leg or inside your sock?

Most of the time, you could also carry a small generic "could be a camera, could be anything" looking bag that goes around you like a messenger bag does. As long as it's not prissy looking as if it were worn strictly as an acessory, no one is really going to care, at least not in a city.
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Ankle holster??

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How about a leather cigar case?
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+1 for murse.

I don't like anything on me while I'm wearing dry denim or stuff like that either. Now that spring and summer is coming, I'm using a bag (more frequently) to put my cellphone, keys, wallet, water, small books, and whatever else I need in.
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Perfect opportunity to get a nice bespoke case in a fine leather. Were this the 19th century, you could conceal it in a cane.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Perfect opportunity to get a nice bespoke case in a fine leather.

Were this the 19th century, you could conceal it in a cane.

were this the 19th century, he'd be dead
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I'm suggesting you just rock some sort of bag. I like my filson and don't think it looks feminine at all. Alternatively (and for less money) you could just get a military surplus one or something. Its probably your best bet and as long as you don't buy anything that looks like a purse you'll be fine.
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