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I think there have been many excellent suggestions made. I'd add only one point - proper fit. I firmly believe that properly fitting clothes go a long way to building confidence in one's appearance. Then the application of the 'rules', color theory, etc. Then really listen to the feedback you receive - you know you've got it when people begin to comment positively, especially if they comment on you and not your clothes. Things like - looking thinner, fitter, more alive, vibrant... if people are exclusively talking about your clothes, they are not seeing you - fashion whores execepted... My $0.02
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I gotta agree big time with Tom W. When I look back to the time when I was stating to build my new wardrobe the biggest mistake I made was fit. Eric
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TomW's got it right -- don't ignore fit. There are always some iconic pieces of clothing that will take someone a long way. It just depends how far this guy is willing to go. Does he want to be stylish? Or just presentable? Either is great. Just look around, the compettion (present company excluded) ain't that hard to beat. A little care with one's appearnce goes a long way these days. I started out finding looks I liked in classic movies and then found a brand of clothing that kind of repackaged that look. After sticking to someone else's idea of style, I started to know what looked good on me and what didn't. Now, I try to stick to what looks good on me regardless of current trends (they always come back around anyway.) And I'm still wearing a lot of the ideas that come from that same brand I liked many moons ago. Only now I mix in things I see elsewhere. Style is how you wear it. Last but not least, I ballooned up two sizes and "lost" a good portion of my wardrobe. I've gotten back in shape and am happier mining my closet for wonderful investments made over the years than buying a lot of new things. Stay in shape and you'll look -- and feel -- great.
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Facing a similar challenge, I was able to make good use of Dressing the Man. (But you or your friend may not be in Flusser's demographic. If not, maybe there's a more contemporary book that'll work.) I just said to my pal, "I've found the most fantastic book. Great pictures of all the old fashion plates. Remind me to show it to you. I'd like to get your opinion." Before I knew it, he was wearing tobacco-colored reversed calf bals with his navy blue Brioni MTM chalk stripe SB. (Instead of ragging on me for doing the same.) Sweet success.
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