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Link to the Pocketwatch Hello- found this neat pocketwatch, by Orvis. Just generally, what's your opinion? Just how would you wear a pocket watch nowadays? Any general comments? I'd really like to get it for my Christmas Eve outfit, but just today I ordered my Christmas present to the family... a home theater system... so unless I get a huge bonus, I'm not buying this before say Easter...
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I'm a pocket watch fan. I generally don't like the feeling of a wrist watch. The traditional way obviously is to wear the pocket watch on your vest. Some will no doubt argue that is the only way. I see no problem with hooking the chain on your belt loop and sticking the watch in your pants pocket.
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Neat idea, I hadn't thought of attaching it to a belt loop... So, in general they're still accepted? That whole wearing it with a vest thing sounds so 1800s/early 1900s to me... but I know that people still do it. Thanks for the input, I'll keep it in mind.
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That pocket watch you have the link to is awesome. You don't ever see anyone wearing them, so it would be a great piece to have.
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Yea, I thought it was inexpensive (you know, comparatively) and it was a wind-up, which was unique in this day of battery operated devices. And I like the style element that is has, almost delicate, with the inner workings exposed...
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I wear a pocketwatch because I don't like the look and feel of wristwatches. There are three places to sport a watch and chain---------in a vest pocket,in a trouser pocket and on your jacket lapel.Watch chains can be worn in a variety of different ways. Using a pocket watch will modify your behavior in subtle ways much like differing kinds of wallets change one's behavior.Personally I like the notion of gently and unhurriedly snagging a little orb from one's pocket and glancing at it. Go for it and have some fun with being a little creative and individualistic.
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i alternate between wrist and pocket watches. there's nothing 'wrong' with attaching the chain to a loop and dropping the watch in one's pocket. if you are wearing a vest, though, i'd probably opt for the vest pocket. the watch you've linked to has a nice design, though i wish construction was of stainless steel. still, the price and that it's a mechanical with exposed features perhaps balances this off and makes for a low risk and fun expression.
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