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Prada boots

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Howdy: Does anyone out there have a pair of Prada boots, model 826, kinda a square-ish toe, zipper on the inside, in a Prada size 9 1/2 they want to part with? Or does anyone know where I can find a pair? I know they are about 2-2 1/2 years old, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I have a pair now and they are getting very worn, and I may be distraught the day they actually, finally die on me. Thanks.
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Why not get a pair of boots that will last longer so you will not  have to morn the loss. 2.5 years for a pair of boots is disgusting. You need better boots son. There is alot better than Prada out there. lt is unlikely that you will find the pair [you are looking for] because they are many seasons ago.
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I am well aware of the odds of finding the boots.
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While the construction of Prada is certainly not always up to snuff, if I had to choose blind between a pair of Prada and say, C&G's, I'd pick the Prada hands down because the likelihood is that they'd be much more my style, i.e. modern rather than, well, stodgy. Marc, boy, it's a matter of taste. And 2 years of how much and what type of use? I've worn out Allen Edmonds (needed them for work once) in under a year - does that mean that they are crap? slim, try Yoox and Smartbargains, maybe even Bluefly. On occasion, they have merchandise several seasons old.
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I was looking for those same boots, although in a different size, at about this time last year and I believe I even posted here about them. I would just have to echo the advice concerning Yoox, Bluefly, Smartbargains, but also to check eBay regularly as things like that do tend to pop up (sometimes even new). You could also try your local upscale outlets as they may carry stuff from a few seasons ago (I've seen Prada Sport shoes from 3 years ago at NM Last Call outlets).
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only way to wear the prada boots is beat up IMO...
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prada sneaks should be beat up too for that matter. it can be good to have a pair of old prada kicks if you are going to wear them at all--they've been played out for such a long time now that a crisp new pair looks kind of lame IMHO.
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@riss: right on.
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LAGuy & DSKent: thanks, that's the kind of advice I was looking for.
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I don't know where you're from, but I saw Prada boots at DSW. Make that several DSWs (NYC area). They were from past seasons, not sure if it's the one you're looking for, though.
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Don't know if they are the right ones, but Bluefly just added some. Dan
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