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Question about tux pants

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I'm not in the market for a tuxedo, but I was curious what you think about the pants. I am aware that tuxedo pants should never be cuffed. I have seen at least one reference on this board to a rule that tux pants should be flat-front, not pleated. Is this a general rule? I was under the impression that almost all (appropriate) tuxedos had pleated pants. Just curious. Thanks.
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My tux has a single forward pleat. I like this as it keep the line a bit cleaner than with a flat front (flat front pants, IMO, make it difficult to maintain a clean line between the jacket and pants, because the pleat allows the crease to stick out a bit more).
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Yes, the pants should be cuff-less. I have seen pleated tux pants on a few occasions, and I don't think it's the biggest sin. The rules of the tux pants also say: they should have a vertical decorative band on its outer leg seams. The material of the band should be the same as the jacket's lapel facings. If it's satin the band should be satin too, and so on.
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My DB Tux trousers have a single pleat, with no cuff, and my SB one button Tux trousers are flat front with no cuff.
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