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Recent commissions (Zegna Couture)

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Dear members, The board is growing.  It's great to see so many new members. Finally signed up for a hosting service --- Image Shack doesn't allow me to access their site due to my current location (Hong Kong) so I can't view or uploading anything on Image Shack.  Here are some of my recent commissions, do give me suggestions and criticism. Zegna Couture (formerly Napoli Couture) Material : 60% linen, 40% silk NC uses a separate collection of fabrics from the regular Zegna (for old time's sake, I will continue to call it Napoli Couture).  They are usually finer, offers a better hand, and has a natural shine that the others do not have.  I picked this mainly because of its weight; it is very light.  Zegna's fabrics are graded and priced in a alphabetical scheme: 'A' for cheapest, 'H' for more expensive, and so on.  I think this fabric was around 'F', and it came out to be around US$2200. Fit: very light.  The shoulder of the jacket wraps around my shoulders pretty comfortably, without the burden of heavy padding or stiffness.  The armhole is relatively high, especially at the front of the armhole.  The lapel roll is good, not perfect, but good nevertheless.  Since it's a 3-button-rolled-on-2, the top button will not be used.  The second button is placed at 2" below my rib cage.  Large patch pockets at the level of the last button, they are lined with a think piece of cotton in matching colour (this lining resembles those used in Oxxford pants).  I ordered it quarter lined --- the lining will stop at the side of your body (a half-lined jacket will have the lining going a bit further back, usually stops at where the side-vent flap begins).  The seams inside the jacket are exposed, though they are obviously not trying to cover them (some tailors fold the fabric onto itself to provide added protection for the seams).  Handstitching is evident in the entire jacket. Since it is only a MTM, there are many features that I cannot customized.  For example, the back neck is not a tiny bit too low for my body; maybe 1/8" higher would be better.  Now if I wear a shirt that has higher neck (like 2" collar band) this would not look very nice.  Also, since it's a quarter-lined jacket, the waist could be taken in just a bit to give a more pronounced dividing line between the upper chest and jacket skirt.   It is a very comfortably tailored jacket.  The fabric is definitely the best part of it. Rating: *** (out of 5) Value: *** (out of 5)
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For those who have missed this post, do give some thoughts on this coat. Thank you. Naturlaut
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It's a fine coat but I suspect much is lost in the photography as it's very hard to do the fabric justice without professional lighting. What surprises me is the cost. $2200 is way below what I would expect to pay for MTM Zegna NC, not that I've had the courage to ask around. When you get tired of it I'll be watching ebay like a hawk - we use the same size execpt my arms are 1/2 inch longer or so. B edit: And thank you once again for these reports. They are much appreciated as looking at clothes is much more satisfying than reading about them.
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Is the notch where the collar meets the lapel (the gorge?) larger than on most 'highstreet' RTW suits at the moment? The placement of it seems slightly lower than I see being worn on the street, which is something I like.
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It's always hard to say anything about suits without seeing them worn by their owner.
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Very nice, I like it. Can you show it on you?
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