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What to wear

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A quick question for some of you NYC guys. What do you wear when going out to trendy lounges/clubs? I live in NY and I generally wear khakis and button down shirts, and if I need to dress up a little I'll wear dress pants or a suit, which works in my neighborhood. But sometimes I need to go out to a real NY place, not the corner Irish bar, and I have no idea what to wear and I always feel out of place. So, suggestions, including where to buy, that wouldn't make a normally traditional/preppy guy too uncomfortable but that would still work when hanging out with the artists/models/hipsters, etc? Thanks a lot for any information. Edited to add that I'm a straight late 20's male - if that helps.
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If you're not a hipster, I don't understand why you would dress up like a hipster. Don't play act. Be counter-culture and dress conservatievly. You will probably get many responses as it seems like everyone here is in their 20s
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I agree that play acting is not a great idea. You'll feel uncomfortable in clothing that is not you (I can't wear khaki chinos without feeling like a dweeb, but that's just me). On the other hand, if you feel out of place and uncomfortable because you feel that what you wear does not fit in, that sort of defeats the purpose of dressing in *comfortable* clothes, now, doesn't it. I would suggest that you just tweak your style a bit. Your Brooks Bros. tweed sportsjacket will work, just wear a hooded sweatshirt under it. And maybe wear jeans instead of khakis. Or you could keep the khakis (although you might want to consider a pair from Weber instead of Haggar, and wear classic sneakers instead of loafers. Or, you could wear a button down, but ditch the khakis and loafers, and go for a pair of jeans and gum soled boots (John Varvatos has some that are classic, but hardly stodgy,) and maybe an interesting (but not *too* interesting belt. Or wear chinos and a polo, but make sure the khakis have interesting details (again, Weber or Masons) and make the Polo a Two Flowers deal (Lance had a pretty cool one on his site a while ago.) Or wear an overdyed and laundered Coast shirt with a pair of classic A.P.C. jeans. You're not hipster crazy, but you'll sure look cool. There are lots of ways to be true to your style and still not look like a fish out of water, no matter what the situation (even I can clean up pretty nicely when the occasion calls for).
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Thanks for the replies. I'm definitely not interested in trying to look like a hipster or anything else that I'm not - I just need to make sure that I can get in the door when my girlfriend wants to go out.
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You can't go wrong with black or grey slim jean cut slacks, plus they're versatile. I would add any nice thin sweater (Your g/f might enjoy helping you buy this). Possibly a Beatle type bootie and a leather coat or jacket if it's cold outside. Happy clubbing.
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