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Want les Essentiels de la Vie

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Does anyone have any experience with this brand?
I like the look of their whole line and I am looking for a new briefcase and was considering their Trudeau bag in either black or burnt henna.

I believe I heard these have a lifetime warranty on both materials and workmanship. If anyone has seen these bags or has any knowledge of their products I'd love to hear about it.

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i can't really help you other than to say i've seen the stuff in person and it's quality

shopjake, an affiliate here at SF, carries the stuff in chicago and they post here from time to time so perhaps they can answer your query (or send them a message)
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Holt Renfrew carries the line. I know that the Vancouver store has the Trudeau bag. It's really nice; I'd like one myself.
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Tyler Brûlé recommended it once but he didn´t go into the details. If someone bought something from this brand, post!
I believe it´s from North America.
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I can't speak to the quality of their leather goods. However, my girlfriend coveted one of their canvas zippered totes a while back. I dissuaded her from buying it. Quality seemed okay. But the price didn't seem worth it for Made in China goods. That doesn't mean its poor quality. But there's definitely better stuff out there at similar price points.
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I've got a canvas tote from them. Bought it about two years ago. The quality is fine for the price that I paid for it.
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We carry this bag at Shrine in all black. It's a beautiful piece and has so many great compartments. It breaks in beautifully as you use it as well and the gold zipper detail makes the bag. Get a hold of us if you are interested or have been looking for this bag in black. -Shrine

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