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Has anyone tried The Botanist? Our local stores just started carrying it, and I'm very intrigued... But it's $58 versus $28 for Bombay, pretty steep to go in blind.
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Was a little discussion about it in the other thread:

What sort of profile do you usually like in gin? There's no one note that stands out in Botanist, it's got a lot going on but they're all pretty balanced. It wasn't spectacular in Negronis, but made a nice martini. I think I might pick up another bottle (almost finished this one) just for something very flexible for playing around in cocktails.

$58 is awfully steep though. Bombay is ~$18 here and I paid $31 for the Botanist and thought it was fine there. $58's not that good. I can't really see paying that for gin unless money just isn't an issue.
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Is there a thread for pictures of our bars?

Regardless, my very modest bar setup at home:
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Looking pretty good there, K-dub.
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A few glaring omissions and some really crappy shopping choices but overall I'm happy. Although manifest destiny will soon require a second countertop and glassware shelf.
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Not really a "bar" so much as a "shelf full of booze."

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Just got this in the mail

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That's pretty sweet -- that is a gift from someone on Whisky Exchange stationary, not from them, right? Wish I had friends like that.

~ H

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and Hennessy #1, which is for sale at $1600.
Bisquit Extra Old-$300
NM Reserve -$200
Daniel Bouju - $175
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Quick stop at Astor Wines & Sprits in NYC after dinner with my father at FireBird. We arrived literally four minutes before they closed and as I (owing to some changing life circumstances) anticipate being poor for at least a few months, decided to restrict myself to 1) cheap spirits I cannot get in my home jurisdiction that I am 100% out of, and 2) vermouths and quinquinas which I do so love. Thus I acquired:


1x Dolin Blanc (I can live off M&R dry and my stock of Vya and Cocchi sweet, but the M&R blanc is awful and tastes like chocolate)

1x Cocchi Americano

1x Cocchi Americano Rosso (this is new and I am excited to try it)

2x El Dorado 3yr (it was like $12 on sale, which is ridiculous)

1x Laird's Bottled in Bond


My father, aware of the circumstances prompting the above limitations, asked to get me soemthing I reallay wanted, and though there were some really cool looking things, as always, at Astor, I've wanted some Del Maguey Chichicapa for quite some time now, to complement my ever present Vida.


Four minutes, pretty awesome trip.


~ H


Edit: b1, glad you like the El Dorado!

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A friend of mine is looking for Pappy and is willing to pay a decent premium for it. I don't want to part with mine, but if anyone has any they want to part with let me know what you have and name your price. Thanks!
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Got a good deal on this. It's the most floral gin I've tasted so far. Geranium/rose-y. Light on the juniper. Not sure whether I like it or not yet.

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Originally Posted by Althis View Post

I quite like the Jameson 12, I always order it when going it.

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Dammit, I am starting my bar more or less from scratch (for complicated personal reasons). This is some serious pain in the neck. I am down to like 50 bottles from 250+, and am temporarily without sufficient disposable income to get back in the game. I wanted to make a Cure for Pain tonight and I don't have all the necessaries.


~ H

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