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Yarai mixing glass and julep strainer:



Martin Miller gin:


Bittermens Citron Sauvage and Amer Nouvelle:

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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Bittermens Citron Sauvage and Amer Nouvelle:

You have to report on the Bittermens Liqueurs once you try them. I have a bottle of Bittermens Commonwealth being brought to me in a few weeks that I am really looking forward to trying. But I am very interested to hear what the others are like, particularly the Citron Sauvage and the Amer Sauvage.
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Just made a margarita substituting the Sauvage for triple sec. Very nice. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by denning View Post

I just had a friend grab some bottles for me from Astor Wines in NY to allow me to make more drinks from the PDT book. I don't have them yet, but will report once I do.
Bittermens Commonwealth (looking forward to this. Supposed to be closer to the idea of how an original tonic tasted)
Bitter Truth Sloe Gin
Yellow Chartreuse
Laird's Applejack

I'm always sad when this thread slips off the first page.

It's been a while in coming, but I finally got the above-quoted booze bootlegged to me. I am going to crack into them tonight and make a cocktail or two from the PDT book with the ingredients now available. I am thinking a Widow's Kiss and something else. Will report findings later. Oh, and I'm really looking forward to a Bittermens Commonwealth G&T.
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Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but bought this after tasting:


Everything I like. 1) cheap 2) good.
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Are two varieties of orange bitters really necessary? Though since you have them, what do you think of the (fairly) new Angostura orange bitters in comparison?
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I've not tried the new Angostura orange ones yet but I will tell you I greatly prefer the Fee Brothers West Indies one over Regan's.

The VTR (Velvet Tango Room) bitters you see there are the best bitters I've ever had. I have a track on some newer artisnal ones that I will report on as I get them.

Wow, just looked at post history here. Been nearly two years since I posted in this thread and I'm still the #1 poster in this thread.
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Get with it buddy. No one like a quitter.
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I quite like the Citadelle gin. I think I posted about it in the gin thread.
I had remnants of Junipero, Martin Miller, Plymouth, Tanqueray and a new bottle of Citadelle.

Citadelle had the best nose by far, Junipero the best taste.
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Gin thread! I've tuned out too much here.

I told Mrs. PIob something very painful today. This French gin might be better than Hendricks. It hurts. Also, it's 30% less money.
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^ wow, I had always kind of dismissed it out of hand.

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Buddy of mine is in London for the Olympics. Is there anything that I should have him bring back to the States, preferably something good that can't be found in the country (or in Ohio with our oppressive alcohol laws)? This is open to anything, with a special focus perhaps on Gin. The gins I have right now are Tanqueray No. 10, Martin Miller's, Aviation, Plymouth, Hendrick's, and I just ran out of my well gin (Beefeater).

Thanks guys!
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Get some Cuban rums. Can you pass those through customs? Pretty much everything they sell in the UK we can get here in the states. Don't know specifically about Ohio though.
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Didn't think of cuban rum. Definitely going to ask him about them.
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