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Watch Shopping

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If I'm considering buying from the used market, what kind of questions should I ask? What kind of details should I look for? Do I need to worry about fakes on TimeZone? (I'm still interested in Cartier, but I've actually seen a couple of Omega and IWC that are closer to my budget and taste.)
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Unless you are a watch expert, you should purchase from a reputable dealer. A top-notch vintage watch is too expensive--and too easily faked--to make the risk worth taking. I bought my fifty-year-old Patek on Ocean in Carmel. I paid top dollar. But who cares? The value continues to climb, and the store stood behind its product.
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Buy the seller, not the watch. Ask the seller for references and solicit references on TimeZone's Public Forum.  Call or e-mail those references and ask them about their experience buying from the seller.  TimeZone is a very close-knit community (like Styleforum), and a positive reference from a long-time and respected member is probably your best guarantee against fakes (although not ironclad).  Call the seller as well to get a sense of his bona fides, to determine whether he is truly a watch lover.  Most people find it much more difficult to lie to someone over the phone than over e-mail.  Box and papers can also help verify the watch's provenance. This process worked for me when I bought a watch from TimeZone's Sales Corner.  Good luck.
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