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Peter werth.

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Does anybody know about a brand called Peter Werth? Apparently they are a British company. I have seen some of their shirts, and they are made in Portugal. So what is their quality, and design philosophy? Thank you. P.S. What is the opinion of these Gucci sunglasses?
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Gucci sunglasses are pretty good, I love the pair I have.
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I have those exact sunglasses -- purchased for $39.99 at Loehmann's in San Francisco. I wouldn't pay full price for them. They're a bit too loud for my liking, and tend to rub up against my eyebrows (and occasionally eyelashes).
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Peter Werth is a casual wear 'Mod' brand from England. It's of average quality, and the style is... well, British mod. It's sort of like Ben Sherman, if you're familiar with that brand. European Interloper
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I have a couple of Ben Sherman shirts that I like very much - summery camp-type shirts. I did notice that the store where I bought those shirts is also now carrying Peter Werth and thought they looked pretty neat. Bradford
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What exactly does "mod" mean? It seems to connotate Swinging London, and Carnaby St. for me. Is this true? Also the Gucci's are somewhat flamboyant but I still think like them.
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That must be some kind of a record:
Resurrecting a thread after 3½ years.
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