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I like my shoes to have a lime green dyed lining with the soles to be fairly simple akin to what Silvano Lattanzi does.
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You know, when I was in the shoe business, the conventional wisdom was that only natural-finished soles were top-quality because they weren't trying to hide any defects. Made perfect sense to me. Cheap shoes always have soles that are colored. Then I sold (and subsequently bought) Florsheim Kenmoors, which have the longest-wearing soles I've ever experienced, both as a customer and in the trade. (I'm not saying there aren't longer-wearing soles out there...I'm just saying my Kenmoors have gone over two years of VERY hard weekly wear and they're not even close to my even considering even thinking about resoling them.) And check out Florsheim's classicly beautiful wood-grain finish on them: Kenmoor (By the way, the one I own is the plain-toe version of the above, which is the handstained Cashmere calf...gorgeous.)
That wood grain finish is an old style isn't it? I'd love to find some old stock Florsheims. How long were you in the shoe business? I had a very interesting convo. with a guy who worked at a J&M store. He'd been in the business for over 50 years -- mainly in Massachusetts and Maine.
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Florsheim still does that on the Kenmoors...that's a photo of the new version. You can tell, because the older version has three brass nails on either side of the widest part of the sole (where the ball of the foot is) and, instead of the rubber heel tap, has brass nails all around the sole with a brass V-cleat where the heel first strikes the ground. They're now made in India, but to be honest, they're just as good as the American-made ones. I was only in the shoe business for a few years, off-and-on full-time (during undergraduate and graduate schools). Fifty years, huh? Wow. Don't think I could ever be a member of the Al Bundy club for that long.
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There's nothing like a little dressed up sole.
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