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carrying less keys is definitely important, but I suggest you check out a pair of Oxxford trousers-- they have a LARGE hidden pocket in the waist, in addition to an inner pocket made especially for keys in the right hand trouser pocket, to prevent just the problem you've identified.
That's what I was thinking, a piece of heavier cloth sewn into one of the pockets as an inner key pocket would certainly help this. It could easily be done to any pair of pants with enough room in the pocket.
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I purchased a two-piece detachable key-ring unit. I keep my car keys on one ring (right pocket) and house/office keys on the other (left pocket). I also purchased a small leather fob that partially shields my pants pockets from the all-metal house/office keys (the car keys have the big plastic jobbies and the power lock). Yes, it's a lot of keys, but I have to carry them all, and this seems to help. Also in the winter, I can attach the two key rings and keep them all in a coat pocket.
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I'm waiting for someone to come out with a universal version of those retractable keys like the Mercedes has. One for the car, one for the house, that could retract into a smooth thin package.
That's a pretty damn good idea, actually, to have all your keys in a cylinder; press a button and the key you need just pops out. Even cheaper (and possibly home-makeable) would be some sort of swiss-army knife. Instead of knives and tools, they'd all be keys. I just might get on fabricating that. I'll post pictures if it turns out.
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I agree. Less keys and a leather key case to keep them from tearing up your pocket. The leather case also keeps the other keys from hitting (and scratching) the dashboard of your car when the ignition key is in use. The old status symbol of lots of keys must = lots of responsibility is out. You only need a car key, house key and maybe an office key. Andy
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The old status symbol of lots of keys must = lots of responsibility is out.  You only need a car key, house key and maybe an office key.
I agree, but the people who key the locks around here don't. I have two office keys (I asked them to key both locks the same, but they said they couldn't), one house key, and two car keys with the big plastic caps. (What's up with those anyway?)
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leather key cases are great, but what to do about bulky sensor keys (a la Mercedes) or car alarm keys? I have as little as possible on my chain, just a house key, office key and said car keys on a ring. To the office, I'll put them in my briefcase. After hours if I'm out its with my wife, I'll ask her to put in her purse. If I'm wearing jeans I'll just put them in my pocket, or even the back pocket if I don't have a jacket to put my wallet in (dont want to put too much in one pocket)
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Good trousers should have that change/key pocket sewn into the front pocket to keep them from rubbing and ruining your pants. I like trousers that use heavy cotton for the waistband and pockets. While we are at it, I use a long, thin wallet in my jacket pocket rather than the back pocket boulder some carry. Trouser wear happens 3 places - crotch rubs through, rear pocket tears loose at the corner or front pocket frays or comes loose at the bottom. Bottom line - pockets are not there for your grubby hands and must never be stretched.
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Check out this pouch keycase from Il Bisonte. I've used it for several years with good results. Easy to handle, and protects the pocket. Before this one I had a similar model from Swaine Adeney Brigg that was also excellent.[/img]]Il Bisonte
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