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Originally Posted by West24 View Post
6'2 AND A HALF! haha and i'm jewish! i dont think were generally shorter though.
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Six foot two, eyes of blue ...

Originally Posted by BYucko View Post
5'6" -ish. You can't believe how much it sucks. And to think, I was taller than everyone in elementary school, scaring little kids, being referred to as "the Giant".

My story is the opposite of yours. I was the second or third shortest kid in school when I was in grade 11. Then I didn't stop growing until I was 25.
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Originally Posted by haganah View Post
I'm not so sure I agree with that stereotype. They may be skinny, geeky and have zit cream all over their weezer shirts, but they're usually lanky and tall.

Jews probably tend to be slim, when young. Height - maybe a bit shorter than average. The stereotype that Jews are quite short probably stems from their once living undernourished in Europe.

Edit: rxcats was first, with facts.

By the way, since it wasn't clear, reasonably accurate height predictions are made at a few years of age, not in infancy.
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6'3" or maybe a hair less.

I feel a bit sorry for my stepson, who is 5'11", which is a perfectly decent height for a man. However, the poor lad is barely taller than his mother. He's four inches shorter than I, six inches shorter than his two uncles and eight inches shorter than his one male first cousin. It gives him a bit of a complex!
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Being taller just makes you an easier target.
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5' 8.35" (approx.)
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StyleForum: Land of Giants.
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6'8"-no one in my family is over 5'9". Thought it could've been the mailman, but I look and act way too much like my father.

I feel fortunate that I'm not any larger as trousers are barely long enough and finding shoes beyond a 14 is like tossing a smelt net hoping for a coelacanth.
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I'm about 3cm short of 5 '8' , which is rather below average. I think if I was any shorter my would be a significant nuisance but I guess I'm okay with it.
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use to be 5'7". now 5'6" and dropping. soon i will disappear.
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I'm 5'6", feeling a tad short.
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Who is this dude? Anyone know?

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