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What's with that huge area in texas that is blue?  kinda weird.
El Paso in the NW corner, plus poorer, heavily Hispanic counties in the border areas of the south.
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I read somewhere that a majority of college educated individuals supported Kerry but i'm not too sure about that.
No so. Bush gets a majority (not very sizable, but still a majority) of college graduates. Kerry cleans up among those with graduate degrees, and those with no college education. Same pattern as 2000.
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What's with the line if blue counties going along the Mississippi river?
Eastern Iowa has always been a center of the peace movement; not sure why. Wisconsin and Illinois are just Democratic states, pure and simple. As for the south, those river counties are heavily African-American.
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I was just looking at the final one...basic result: basically every major city voted Kerry, everyplace else voted Bush.
What do you mean by every major city? Did Houston and the Salt Lake City also end up voting for Kerry, or are they not considered a major city?
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Well, almost every major city. It's just "Salt Lake City" though, "the salt lake city" makes you sound like an ohio state grad.
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Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego, Jacksonville, Orlando, Indianapolis, and Cincinnatti (among others) also went for Bush.
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Dallas county went to bush by 10,000 votes, I wouldn't take that as saying that the city of Dallas went to Bush, as the county includes a substantial amount of suburbs. Orlando is not a major city. Marion County (Indianapolis) went to Bush by 5000 votes, again, I don't see that as a Bush victory for the city either. San Diego County went bush by 4% but the county includes all of San Diego's suburbs including Camp Pendelton so again I don't think it's a clear indication of a Bush win in the city. Maricopa County (Phoenix) was fairly heavily Bush, as was Jacksonville and Hamilton County but that includes many of Cincinnati's suburbs as well. I think precincts in most actual cities (not suburbs) went to Kerry.
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I think precincts in most actual cities (not suburbs) went to Kerry.
No question. I just think it's a bit of an overstatement to say that every major city went for Kerry.
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I think there is some euphemism going on here as well... I don't think it's racist to say that most major cities have a large black population, and 95% of black voters selected Kerry.
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The problem is how we define "city". Not every city is going to be modeled after NYC where the population lives in the city itself. With other cities like SD, I don't think that the high density model really works. Even then, SD is still moderately conservative, so it wouldn't be a big suprise if the city of SD voted for Bush.
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I think if you took the effort of doing that particular study you'd find that SD did go to Kerry, but not by particularly much. SD is a fairly urban city by california standards btw. It at least has a fairly large downtown area relative to its population, unlike LA.
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Moving this to current events, no clothing discussion going on at all anymore...
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