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Do you cuff your chinos?

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I'm about to pick up a slim pair of chinos and I cannot decide if I should put cuffs on them or not. For reference, I like 2" cuffs.
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I cuff mine, but I'm a well known philistine.
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I will not hem my chinos with a cuff. I will hem with plain bottom. I will turn them up from time to time. I treat my chinos as I would a pair of jeans...plain bottom but will fold up when I am in the mood. Make sure your hem is deep enough to create a good looking cuff when folded up.
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Fuller cut chinos I get cuffs. Trim cut chinos I leave plain except two pairs of trim Cucinelli where I roll a cuff like they show in their catalog and look book.
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Count me out for cuffs on chinos. I did it with one pair, but didn't like how it looked. FWIW, I'm a Tradly-leaning individual but that isn't a practice I subscribe to.
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I have some of both. If your other chinos do not have turnups, it's worth a try, no?
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I cuff mine.
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I used to, but now I don't bother. All the fight's been beaten out of me.
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I keep my chinamen handcuffed at all times. They can not be trusted.
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I keep a plain hem on mine. I had cuffs on a pair a while back I never really cared for it.
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I find that if I don't cuff my chinos, the hems get wrinkly and rumpled when worn. Also, I think cuffs help the fabric hang better.
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Lord, no.
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