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Episode III trailer

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I was sent a link to the Star Wars Episode III trailer, which isn't supposed to be availabe yet (so I was told). At any rate, for anyone interested it's pretty cool: Episode III Trailer AlanC (who saw the original Star Wars in theaters a long time ago in a galaxy far away)
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I desperately hope it's better than Ep. 1 and 2. koji
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I saw the trailer tonight at the theater. It looked good. I hear it will be rated PG-13, and will be oriented toward a more mature audience. I have to say that is encouraging. Things started to go downhill with the ewoks. Kai
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I am in complete agreement, Koji... There has to be ONE new Star Wars that doesn't blow.
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The Trilogy lost its luster when Lucas changed the Greedo/Solo scene in the Cantina (I remember turning to my friend and us both going, "uh oh")...After re-watching Episode 2, Episode 1 is like freakin' Citizen Kane in comparison. koji
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