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Shoe Care

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I ran a search, and didn't turn up much on this site. Can Anyone direct me to a website that describes the proper way to clean and polish dress shoes. Thanks...
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Here's a pretty good place to start.
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I currently own 2 pairs on Johnston and Murphy shoes and have been using the Angelus method of shoe care for about 6 months now. Rather than heating the wax with a match I used an 1800 degree micro blowtorch. The match tended to carbonize the wax on the shoe (if that is even possible). I picked this tip up from a shoe shine pro in an airport I frequent. I have just purchased some Grensons from as well as some C&J Handgrade Aintrees from PLAL and cannot bring myself to using the blowtorch method going forward. With that, I have been aggressively searching Google for improved shine techniques. Military Spit Shine: Another Spit Shine: Note - I only follow steps 4 onward on the 2nd link. I like the idea of using a hairdryer which adds moderate but not overwhelming heat to the wax. Regards, CT
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