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saddle buck shoes

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I used to wear Timberland saddle buck shoes 10 years ago. Timberland does not make them. Anywhere else where I can get a pair of saddle buckskin shoes or saddle leather shoes
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I believe there was a thread about this a month ago if you search. To that thread I'll add, Edward Green. Will
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I know that Johnston and Murphy used to make them, I'm sure they still do. Look at Foot-Joy (Allen Edmunds) as well. RL has a pair too.
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Allen Edmonds on the higher end, Bass on the lower. It depends on what you're after and your budget.
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So I went to Johnston and Murphy and ordered a pair of the Brennan's. These will do I think until I can find something like that LeatherSoul limited edition. My budget would probably be upto about $500-$700 if I had to and they were really good fitting, beautiful shoes. I'd be happy to keep looking! Always willing to upgrade!!!
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