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For anyone interested in a great deal on a Duluth Pack backpack, I'm selling my navy Standard Laptop Daypack:
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rebumping this because backpacks are cool
got this one ~2 weeks ago, very happy with it smile.gif


deeeets (Click to show)





From s/s 13
There are also two new versions for f/w 13 (one black and one in burgundy) but they are way flimsier and slightly smaller (which looks weird imo), so yeah wouldn't recommend getting those

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I bought this bag this summer. Construction is fantastic, great customer service and I think the bag looks great

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There are two bags I would highly recommend to anyone in this thread. I think they are both really good choices and I've owned them both.

First is the Wool Filson Rucksack. Specifically this one:

To start, this is not a really huge bag. It is appropriate for a daypack or weekend bag. Don't expect it to carry the load that say, a Military M1 pack would. That said, it carries more than you would think from seeing it.

-Really great looking bag in person, much better than in pictures. Don't be fooled, it may be a Filson bag but this one oozes luxury. Very nice appointments.
-Honestly the build quality is much higher than I would expect for the price. I could see this bag being sold at Patrick Ervell or TOJ pricing if it wasn't a Filson. Literally everything on the bag is put together so well from the leather to the wool to the zipper and canvas liner.
-The expectation I had for this bag is that it would look very nice, but end up being somewhat impractical in usage. I was wrong about this though. Filson's design is actually quite clever and they managed to make this bag look extremely good while doing a few very clever things to keep it functional. It is not on the level of a technical bag by any means but I was overall just impressed with how well the whole bag functioned day-to-day. Filson has clearly perfected this bag over the years and worked out most of the kinks.
-Leather straps are surprisingly comfortable after a break in period.

-This is not a bag you want to take camping every weekend because wool is a bit hard to clean if you get certain things on it. It's pretty firmly in the city/urban fashion camp despite how well made and rugged it is. The wool is very high quality and is fairly water proof but I wouldn't recommend getting caught in the rain with it for a long time, just because. I try to baby mine a bit. But to be honestly I think it could take quite a beating if that's your outcome. I'm not sure how the wool will look in 10 years. Might depend how I treat it. Ultimately it will stand up to years if not decades of wear. Just don't get it filthy.
-It's not a technical bag. The two flap pockets aren't for small things, as they can fall out. If you get this bag, invest in a small zip pouch for your tiny stuff.

George Guest Hillside:

I actually owned this bag before I got my Filson and it saw 3 years of heavy use before it was stolen with some other stuff in a car break in. (Still trying to track it down actually) Anyway, the Hillside is a bit different than the Filson in that it tries to cross a nice looking city bag with a technical outdoors style bag. The look of the bag is very Boston/New York with a bit of an outdoorsy flair. Despite the fashion appearance, there's a lot of very clever technical features here, especially for the price.

-The bag is pretty darn comfortable. The shape sort of molds to your body and considering the small amount of pading in the straps, I was impressed with the overall comfort on long hikes.
-Includes some very usable technical features: The main compartment is thief proof and water proof. There's an ipad sleeve. The quick access pocket is amazing. Most of this bag was very well thought out in its design in terms of being useful.
-A bit more room than the Filson. Better suited for a weekend bag probably.
-This bag can really take a beating and ages well even if you get it dirty or wet. The leather, while not terribly thick is of high quality.
-It's honestly just a lot of bag for the money. Comparable products are at least $300 and usually more.

-While certainly not ugly, it isn't a bag that's going to appeal to everyone aesthetically. The shape is a bit awkward at times depending on your taste in backpacks. That said, I still got compliments on this bag semi-regularly. So it must not be ugly. Compared to most of the junk I see these days I think it looks pretty tasteful.
-I'm not sure this would be a good school bag, as getting binders and large books down into the wide-mouth opening is a bit of a chore sometimes. It's not impossible to get these things in the bag, it's just not as easy as with a full zip bag.
-The top handle on mine did break at one point. But to be fair, I had the bag packed full and I probably shouldn't have been lifting it by just the handle. George Keeler was of course happy to fix it and he made it look new.

In closing, I think the George Guest would make a great backpack for someone who's just out of college and isn't quite ready to join the suit and tie workforce. It's a great weekend bag that can also make itself useful as a daypack as long as you don't work at Citibank. I used mine camping a lot as well with no issues. The Filson is less of a casual/outdoors bag and you could probably get away with it in an office setting if you hate briefcases. Would make a decent college bag as well, depending how much you needed from it features wise. I like both bags for different reasons. Right now I have the Filson and I'm pretty happy with it.
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grats you wrote two really long reviews for two really shitty bags and no one will ever read what you wrote.
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Originally Posted by hobojones View Post

grats you wrote two really long reviews for two really shitty bags and no one will ever read what you wrote.

Stylistically, I don't like either of the bags ac_slater reviewed, but Filson is a top notch brand that is highly regarded on the forum. Hardly "shitty." I'm sure some will appreciate the write-up, jeez...
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Appreciate the write-up.

Hobojones, instead of bitching, why don't you post something of substance? If not, then go troll elsewhere
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Anyone know who makes this backpack?

backpack.jpg 409k .jpg file
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New natural dyed fabric/leather daypacks



More here
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Is there any chance to still get the IISE black leather daypack somewhere?:embar:

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i like the balenciaga/alexander wang backpacks. 

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if you are looking for a cheap clean backpack I think this herschel settlement looks solid. 


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Forget Herschel. They're made in the PRC. With bags, I avoid anything that's made in China, Vietnam or Philippines. 


Duluth or Kletterwerks are both made in USA and fantastic quality - I've owned bags by both of them and they're rock solid. Filson has a great reputation as well (as mentioned above), but never bought one.


On the Japanese front, Master-Piece are always really well made. I've had a couple of their bags.


I also love the look of this.



Originally Posted by sussi View Post

if you are looking for a cheap clean backpack I think this herschel settlement looks solid. 


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