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stylish backpack

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So now that i've begun dressing much nicer i need to upgrade the rest of my things as well and ive decided that i need a new backpack as well, i want something leather that is very high quality, i would be using it everday for school, i was looking at this one: http://eluxury.com/estore/browse/pro...sp?id=11291624 idk what u guys think bout that one? but something that is nice and stylish to go with the nice outfits, i would love your guys input on this.

thank you!!!
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i think it looks gaudy. backbacks, imo, only look "good" when it's in a technical way, and if you try to "stylize" it you end up looking like a hypebeast fool (just my 2 cents). if you want something stylish go for a canvas messenger or shoulder tote, euro style!
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^ I agree. I think a LV monogrammed anything would detract from your new wardrobe. Marc Jacobs had some fancy backpacks but that was quite a while ago and I doubt you'd find one now. Bottom line, you should either you get a functional, simple looking black backpack or look for another kind of bag.
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Ugh not feeling that backpack at all.

stickonatree is right about the technical bit, get something from Northface or Oakley.
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No way. A backpack for that price is nearly an oxy-moron
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Me no like that LV one---- I have a black leather Dolce and Gabbana backpack that I've had for 12 years and it is still holding strong.

My next bag purchase will be either of these two from Berluti.

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Look at Jil Sander, Raf Simons x Eastpack, Tod's
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What could be more trying-too-hard than a backpack with a designer's name on it?
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Originally Posted by dusty View Post
What could be more trying-too-hard than a backpack with a designer's name on it?

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Lolz, ouch.
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Get a leather shoulder briefcase.
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That backpack screams "look at me I'm a label whore".
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I wish....
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^^^ Whose are those? Like it.
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I don't like backpacks in general, the one Chronoaug posted is beutiful though.
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