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Spots on ties

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I just got a Zegna tie on Ebay and noticed a small red spot on it. There is also a wrinkle or two on it. Should I take it to a dry cleaner to get the wrinkle and stain out or can i fix this at home? Please let me know. This is my first nice item and wnat to keep it looking good. Thanks again for the help everyone.
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Tiecrafters in New York is your best resource for cleaning and relining ties (cost about $20.00). They have a website.
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my suggestion would be to never dry clean a tie. It is sure death to luster and body of make. Try a little light steam to remove wrinkles and try a light rub on the soiled area with a soft cloth (oil stains will never come out) Here in the Boston area we have cleaner who actually takes apart the tie, cleans the fabric and remakes them. Their name is Jean Palmer,3-c Bryant Street, Woburn, MA 781-935-7800. If this tie was really expensive or has sentimental value I might use them, your call.
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I believe Tiecrafters does the same thing. Apparently they also have alteration services (widening, narrowing, etc). I always wondered about that actually.
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Or Movieland in Los Angeles.
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