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bannana republic cufflinks

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I saw some cufflinks being sold there for $27.50, and I was wondering if anyone's ever bought some from this store? I know they're not going to the best, but at this price point, that's not what they're trying to be. The design is very simple, just silver looking oval shaped cufflinks. Or, does anybody know a better place to buy some?
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Why buy new cufflinks? Vintage ones are better and cheaper. Looks for the old double-sided pairs or the snap kind like these. I have a collection of over 2,000 pairs of antique cufflinks. If you don't see what you like on Ebay, send me an e-mail and I will send you a pair, and hopefully make a collector out of you also. But don't outbid me on Ebay, ok? lol
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Where have you found 2,000 vintage cufflinks? Was it all through e-bay? That's quite a collection.
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Most were bought pre-Ebay at antique shows, flea markets, etc. I acquired my collection in the mid 80's - early 90's.
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I have two pairs of BR cufflinks. (full disclosure: I work part-time at a BR). The quality is fine for the price, and I like the relatively simple designs. One pair of mine is plain silver-tone, and the other has stripes in different shades of blue. I can't imagine spending much more than $28 on cufflinks. I'd be too afraid of losing them (plus my funds are limited anyway).
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