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Johnston & Murphy

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Any comments on the quality of their shoes?
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J&M have different grades (others can speak better to this). At their higher end, some of their shoes are quite well made and can even be stylish. In general though, J&M shoes are just plain boring to look at. I mean really boring. I mean watching an action movie on mute boring.
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Since J&M closed their factories a couple of years ago, the quality is...questionable at best. Very over-priced, IMO.
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I have a pair of J&M "Domani" shoes that I purchased about 5 years ago. I like them quite a lot. They are made in Italy, cap-toe Bal Oxfords in shell cordovan. I've got a pair of dark brown calfskin J&M's that I purchased about 8 years ago. They still look nice, and are holding up quite well. Mine have been quite good value for the money.
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The ones I bought are vintage and were made in Italy. Rather nice, I think, but I'm not a shoe expert by any means.
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I have several pair that are part of their higher end lines. While they lack the style of most of my other shoes (AE, Santoni, Mezlan), they are certainly reasonably well made, especially when compared to my Cole Haan. I purchased most of my J&M on ebay, where they can be bought for next to nothing ($20-$40). At least that was the ebay market for them two years ago.
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