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Can anybody tell me anything about this brand. Stumbled upon it looking at ShopJake. Wondering if anybody can comment quality and fit.
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It's been around a looong time, one of the ivy league staple brands back in the 50s/60s

I think they were bought out by a Swedish company (feel free to correct) and they've retooled their look into a RL-wannabe brand. I actually like a lot of their's one of those brands that you need to look into if you're into Hickeystyle, Band of Outsiders, etc. and like a modern take on Americana/Ivy

The fit varies...some of it fits like a mall brand, some of it fits like a designer brand. Quality...seems ok enough.
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I agree with GetSmart here......the quaity/fit is a crapshoot. However, I've had good experiences with all three of their lines (G.N.H, Rugger and Elliot Gant). I have a l/s polo and a hooded sweatshirt from their G.N.H line and they're both some of my favorites!
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Gant is an old school brand, they actually were defunct for a few years and came back as a European owned company specializing in classic Northeast style/Ivy Americana style clothing. I like a lot of their stuff in the catalogue and on the website, but have trouble finding it. The stores I have been in feature much more conservative clothing than is featured on the website.
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which stores, besides jake, carry gant? i see some nice pieces randomly pop up here and there in magazines like details, etc., but even googling gant doesn't come up with anything
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Originally Posted by bsyde82 View Post
which stores, besides jake, carry gant? i see some nice pieces randomly pop up here and there in magazines like details, etc., but even googling gant doesn't come up with anything
There's a store list on their website, but I don't know if it's current:
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I didn't know Oslos carried it out here. Weird.
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Saw shirts for $40 at Filene's Basement and current collections at department stores in Montreal. At the same FB, they were also carrying Hickeystyle shirts and the quality was comparable. Didn't get a chance to try either on for size though.
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I like gant, pretty similar to a safer RL. Got 3 shirts which all are nice quality.
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I'm not sure that this brand knows what the hell it's about these days. I walked into their store on Fifth Avenue today to check out a cardigan I saw in the window. I was confronted by a wall of sweaters, ala Uniqlo, but all with the Gant logo and name. I'm guessing that this was the comparable line to RL's Rugby, but the logo will not make it work. The back of the store was set up like a Polo store, with comparable merchandise, though the sportscoats look a little better tailored. This seems to be the GNH store. Finally downstairs is their adult clothing. In presentation this seemed to be a little more fashionable than BB/HF sportswear - but the prices were RLPL. The cardigan I was looking for turned out to be cashmere and $650.

Overall the store and stuff was not really placeable on the spectrum of American sportswear ranging from J.Crew to RLPL; though pricing was continuously higher than I expected, even after living in New York for seven years. This confusion, combined with their lack of online presence, leaves me with the impression that this brand will remain a niche in the US.
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I have a NOS vintage Gant tie that I like a lot. No idea about the current stuff.
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Your observations are pretty on-point. After they were bought by that Swedish company, they've had a sort of shotgun-approach to making clothes. Everything from cheap-ish sweaters to really lovely pieces at the higher end. They do well in Scandinavia doing this, but I'm not sure they'll reemerge as the cornerstone of Ivy trad they once were.
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Their items seem a little off to me.
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i just got a flannel shirt from the rugger line at barney's and i actually like it a lot. fits well, quality isn't amazing but it wasn't all that expensive either.
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i got a jacket and it fits me really well, neva tried or bought anything else of gant though.
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