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I ask that question because I have brought stuff from them before. I clicked on that link, added the items to my cart and then logged in with my account. The prices remained intact even as I went to the confirm page. Can they revoke my order or worse charge me full price?
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I got my Tyrwhitt chelsea boots today, took about a week to get.  They are quite nice, leather soles with rubber heel, they do appear to be corrected grain leather, but for $107.50 I'm not complaining.  They are worlds better than the KC, Gordon Rush, etc... junk that you can get at this price point.
What kind of things do you think you will wear them with? I am trying to conserve money, but have always sort of wanted some black boots... so I am still hesitant to order
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Jeans and slacks, primarily to go out in my case. I don't know if they can revoke your order or not.
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Anyone else get their order yet? How long did yours take drizzt?
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about a week.
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Was your order shipped from the UK or US?
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UK I believe, it came via Deutche Speedpost though.
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Okay, hijack time: does anyone else besides me think that shiny black shoes or boots with jeans look really.. girly, or something? No offense to anyone who wears them, but I don't think I have seen it done where I thought it looked right. Maybe with really dark slim jeans. Maybe. But with any kind of "wash", I dunno.
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I usually avoid shiny black shoes with jeans. I'll either go with a more matte brown or black, unless I'm wearing sneakers (and even those are black or brown casual leather sneakers, not running shoes). I generally wear pants, though.
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Btw, to get back on topic. Did anybody buy the shirts, and if so, which line or lines and how did those turn out?
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I think it depends on the shoe, i don't mind it with sleeker looking shoes but I think it can look a bit obnoxious with big clunky shoes.
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With jeans, I would not do black shoes.
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NoVaGuy: I bought one shirt at 50% discount. It was a checkered light-blue/white twill shirt of the "Fitted" Collection. I loved the fabric. The shirt is nice. I do imagine their other fabrics would be nice as well. However, it isn't as "Fitted" as I expected. I may have to bring it to a tailor (or next time I visit mom) to really fit it. I am waiting to see if after washing it it shrinks. Apparently they have good service. They sent me a postage free return label (which I considered using, since it wasn't a perfect fit).
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Received my black monkstraps today. They were shipped from the UK and it took 9 days (to Canada.) I cannot comment too much on them yet. I think they look good, definitely very similar (at least at first glance) to Loake's monkstraps.
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FYI, the 50% off DOES work in the store. I went in today and bought this pair of suede brogues.  According to the salesman, they are made by Loake. I also picked up a pair of their shoe trees, which I think are good for the price. I wanted to get their shoe care kit, but they were out of stock. The salesman gave me his card and said he'd honor the 50% off deal if I came back for it in January when they have stock. I think I will, and may get more trees.
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