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Ok, just ordered 2 shoes, one black monk and one brown calf cap toe. total damage $280 ish USD inc shipping. I'll post some pics when it gets here. Since they are goodyear welted, I can imagin they would be better than most of shoes that are being sold in Harry or Holt that costs $400+ CDN per pair. But we shall see.
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I'm wondering what size shoes to order - I assume they use UK sizes and not American? I wear an 8 in Johnston & Murphy, and often a 8.5-9 in running shoes. Any one purchased their shoes who can offer a comparasion. Thanks.
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I went with 1/2 size below, I normally wear a 11D and ordered a 10.5, we'll see how it fits.
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Are their sizes UK or US?
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No, the size selection on the web site is in UK whether you are seeing $ or GBP, size is always UK size. so order 1/2 smaller compare to your US size.
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My only order of men's shirts was a few years ago. Decent quality, good fabric, great collar style, but armholes too tight and shoulders a little too square. So I won't be going back, which is a pity because the price was attractive. Compared well with (but not definitively better than) Pink. If you can get them on sale, however, their Tiny Tyrwhitt knit shirts are a good deal. Not quite as nice as Lacoste, but at $20 vs. $50, well worth a look. No inside labels--- size is embroidered in.
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After few photo compareson, I have come to conclusion that the shoes that I ordered from CT are made by Loake. The black monk from CT is Paisly in Loake model (Main Collection). The shape of strap matches and the stitchings as well. The calf brown cap-toe from CT is Wells in Loake (1880 collection). the zig-zag shapes on tong of the shoes matches. Also stitchings and bottom of the lace opening shape matches as well. I think you are better off buying loake shoes from Pediwear under normal circumstances, but since I had 50% off, I ended up saving like $122USD.
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Anyone receive their orders? Care to comment on quality? I am most curious regarding the shoes. Dan
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They said I would get it in 7 days or so.
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haven't got mine either.
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I ordered a pair of black monks on Tuesday and received a shipping confirmation on Wednesday. Hopefully they do not take too long... and hopefully I do not get killed at customs...
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Excellent. I'm eagerl awaiting your replies, gentlemen. For those of you unaware, this offer is good IN-STORE as well. You just print the coupon page and bring it with you. I will be trying the shoes on tomorrow, most likely. Dan
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I got my Tyrwhitt chelsea boots today, took about a week to get. They are quite nice, leather soles with rubber heel, they do appear to be corrected grain leather, but for $107.50 I'm not complaining. They are worlds better than the KC, Gordon Rush, etc... junk that you can get at this price point.
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Does it offer work for only new customers or can anyone use it?
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For new customers supposedly.
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