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Chap Magazine, any readers here?

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I have enjoyed my subscription to "The Chap" and it's British humor. Sections such as "Am I chap or not?", where readers send in photos of themselves only to be ridiculed by the editors (hmmm, sounds a little like SF), or "Satorial Agony", where a clothing expert dishes out Q & A advice with a major dose of trad sarcasm. Any readers here?

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I've looked through the website a few times. Really funny stuff.
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I like to pick up a copy of The Chap whenever I get the chance. I haven't read it for a while though. They have some very funny, witty writers. Personally I liked "Children in Tweed", where a couple of Chaps wandered through inner-city council estates, trying to foist tweed jackets and trilbys on young chavs who were hanging around. I think there was even an article about it in The Guardian.

I would love to show up to some of their events, like The Chap Olympics, and the Civilise the City marches, although they are in London, miles away from where I live.
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I keep forgetting to order it, as it can't be found in the town I now live in. I was introduced by a colleague and have been taking it since issue 15. I think coming across 'the Chap' is what really made me begin to make an effort in dressing.
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Interesting stuff I had never heard of the magazine before.
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I've had a subscription for a few years.

It's very amusing and my copy gets well thumbed through by others.

The more trad members here would love it.
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