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Jon, is this better?

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So, so bad... LA Guy, I think we should start that column of yours with this one.
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I wonder what the boys on the "trad" thread over at Ask Andy would make of this. Heh.
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I think he needs a lime green or sky blue v-neck sweater, an ascot, and spats to complete the look properly. And maybe a headband.
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I think the yellow sweater is a bit much, and a different pair of shoes would be better as well. But I don't think this is an awful look. The jacket is cool, IMO. If you are disparaging the pants, I agree that red pants can be a little loud when combined with these other pieces. But this isn't an awful look. I am beginning to like "quality preppy" as a look, though it isn't me.
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It's the sweater and the handkerchief I can't handle. The jacket and the pants would be okay, although the pants' leg opening is too small, making them break awkwardly. And the shoes are too formal. Plus the guy's got a tiny face, which is pretty creepy.
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Choking... Woah... Even though I hate preppy, this is wrong in so many other ways. The Black Watch tartan is a great pattern, and is can be worn as eveningwear (i.e., in lieu of a traditional dinner jacket), as an accent piece. The fire engine red corduroys are also meant to be worn as an accent piece, and the canary yellow sweater, likewise. Accent pieces are meant to be the focus of the outfit, and while maybe a sharp dresser could get away with two... well, let's just say that right now this guy looks like he could be a bad guy off the WWE - "Harvard Man" or maybe "The Prepster". As if he needed another accent, he opts to wear pocket square, which, apart from threatening to pull the observer's eyes out of its sockets, is confusing because 1) the outfit is casual, and 2) is a rather anglo touch on a very "All American" look, as if there weren't enough problems already. Lastly, I see that the sweater is hiked up a little, maybe to show off a braided leather or grosgrain belt? I'm not even going to comment to the rolling up of the surgeon sleeves. The only guy who could conceivably pull this off is Dre 3000, and Mr. Lacrosse Player, you are not him.
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On the fit of the jacket: is it me or this sportcoat just too small? Alright across the shoulders but too tight in the chest/waist and upper arms? Can he even button the top button at all?
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The individual pieces could work. It's the (intentionally) over the top ensemble that is the problem. LA Guy is correct that we have an overload of accent pieces here. Of course, I think if you simply remove the jacket it becomes an acceptable, if somewhat noticeable, combination.
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For my taste the pants are too baggy in comparison to the jacket fit. The too many colors is obvious, but the shoes bug me also don't know why , too dark maybe or just not very elegant (looks to me like some sort of very low rubber sole as well) I think the jacket might not look so tight if he only had the shirt or just the sweater. Btw all he needs is a bright orange hat (bowler) and neon gloves and he's set.
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Since I was asked the question, it would be less the courteous to post a response. Where shall I begin? The jacket: I have heard of waist suppression, but there is such a thing as too much, and I think this stems not from the actual tailoring but because the jacket is too small for the model. As well, the sleeves of the jacket are rolled up to show the sleeves of the sweater. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy the proper look of the peering undergarment (uh, the garment under the jacket, not above ones skin) whether shirt or sweater, the look should be achieved by properly tailoring the sleeve length of the jacket, not by rolling the sleeve up in a faux-trendy manner. The sweater: Yellow is a preppy color that can be properly pulled off when worn with the right outfit unfortunately this isn't it. The sweater especially clashes with the red pants. The Pants: Ok, so red is not easy to wear / match. I personally could not pull off red pants, which is not to say that no one else can. Unfortunately, with the sweater and jacket color combinations the pants just place the outfit into the league of "˜way over the top'. The Shoes: A bit too dressy for the outfit, perhaps a pair of "˜sport-casual' shoes or sleek sneakers, such as Adidas Y-3's or Puma 96 Hours would better compliment the outfit. Pocket Square: No. (I wish I had more to add, but a simple No is sufficient) Conclusions: Whoever put this together was trying to imitate the preppy look without really understanding what the preppy look was all about (which is really all about sweater vest, j/k) Plus I don't think that's a polo shirt underneath the sweater, it looks more like a shirt to me... Jon. Oh. And I agree with J, the models face is too small...(which has nothing to do with anything)
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...but the shoes bug me also don't know why , too dark maybe or just not very elegant (looks to me like some sort of very low rubber sole as well)
I know what you mean...Sort of throws this very elegant ensemble off, those shoes... JJF PS:  Is it me or does this guy have that sight impaired look?
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