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Grenson on sale in London

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There's a shop called 'Highland Scotland' or something on Regent St., Picadilly Circus end . They've got some Grenson's 'featherglove' (?) on sale at £140. Brown brogues, toecap. Also got some other shoes (black brogues, loafers). I don't know what sizes they have, but the brown brogue on the rack seemed to be a seven or so in UK sizing. I've no idea if the price is good, but I hear you chaps talking about the shoe often enough, so I thought it warranted a mention.
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not a real good price for the Feather Master...following is a link with the English prices for that line of shoe Link
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Most of the 'Scottish' shops in that area of Piccadilly are expensive, and best avoided. They are also not Scottish. Gordon Scott of Bond Street offers Grenson and other quality makes of shoe at good prices, particularly during sales. Another excellent shoe supplier is John Rushton, whose shop is opposite the Royal Society of Medicine in Wimpole Street. For those who know the area, it's not far from Selfridges. John has some incredible bargains - I picked up a pair of Alfred Sargeant country shoes for £50 recently. He had Cheaney monk shoes at £90, and Church's loafers for the same.
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I've been meaning to post a question about Rushuton's. I work in that area and go past his shop regularly. Is he generally good value?
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I think Rushton's is good value. It's worth looking in regularly, as he often has special offers, such as export over-runs. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable.
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