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It may be redundant at this point, but for what its worth, I've just bought a G9 slim fit from Baracuta. I got a 40, which is my normal suit size. I am 6'1'', 18.5" shoulders, 34.5" sleeves, 34" waist. The 40 slim fits me fairly well. But it does not hug the body. I don't think it is supposed to. It is longer in the back than I might normally want, but with the Harrington I think this is part of its intended cut. I like it.
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Hello, I've been thinking about purchasing my first Baracuta G9 for quite some time now. Reason why I didn't buy one yet is, that I have absolutely no idea which fit would be the best. I'm located in Germany and would have to order one from England, so I can't go to a store near me and just try one out. I'm 5'9" at about 175 lbs with a chest of almost 42", broad shoulders. Usually I wear a size L in other brands. I have a Baracuta G32 Spider jacket in size 42" that is just perfect. It's about the fit I would prefer. Not too wide or baggy, but also not tight at all. I want to be able to move my arms. Any advice if I should go for the original fit or the slim fit model would be most appreciated...




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Hello Steven,
I´d definitely go for the slim fit.

It´s not that slim really. But the regular is quite loose in it´s fit.
I´m wearing a 42" slim fit G9. I don´t know my chest size, but I´m 189 cm tall and weight about 78 kg.

I´ve tried on the original fit, but I found the arms way to wide.

Hope this is to any help!
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Sorry for the delay, just out of the hospital this morning. Thanks for your help. Since I never had that jacket in both fits in my hands I never was sure how slim "slim fit" was and if the "original fit" would be more appropriate or not. Thanks again for the head ups, will stick with the 42" in slim fit and order today.




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I just put together a guide about the Harrington Jacket / Baracuta G9. Enjoy
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I hear about a wool G9 model made for japan, that´s interesting

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There is a wool model for men in the new winter 2014 season 

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I just picked up a navy Baracuta jacket that shows its size as a Large Long and the back of the tag says 701. It also says "Tailored in Thailand". It has the elastic cuffs and waist like a G9 but I haven't found any other listings about tall sizes. Anyone run across one of these before. Being 6'3" and 200 lbs it fits me quite well so I'm mainly just curious about its provenance.
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NVM - I was able to confirm with Baracuta that my jacket is a genuine G9 made under license for the US market in the 1980s.
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