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Detroit Suggestions

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Hi, I have found myself in Detroit on business and am interested in hearing about the best shopping (esp discounts, but also nice men's shops) in and around the area. I remember someone mentioning the 'Claymore Shop' or something like it that was giving discounts on Oxxford MTM - I think that it was Clarinetplayer - but can't seem to find the thread on the search engine. Also interested in a good restaurant in an interesting neighborhood to get a feel for the city (not the Whitney necessarily - something a bit reasonable and offbeat in an interesting part of town). I know that there are Motor City denizens out there, please help.. Thanks.
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For value shopping check out Nordstrom rack in Troy and Off Saks for some great deals son some super brands. For a good meal in a agreat area, try Andiamos in Royal Oak. You will leave their very happy.
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I now have a few more minutes and can give you some more information about shopping and dining in detroit. I suggest you try checking out Somerset mall in Troy. They have a Neiman Marcus, Sak's, and Marshall Field,s and almost any other store you want. At this mall, you can buy Zegna, Prada, Gucci, Armani, Burberry, Purple Label, Louis Vuitton, and any other brand you can think of. It is the best shopping by far that we have to offer. There is also a Nordstrom at the mall and a Nordstrom rack right down the street. Royal Oak a few minutes away also offers some good shopping as well if you are into the small store shopping style. Royal oak is not really my style because it's a little to European for me, but you might like it. The mall by itself is one day of shopping if you want it to be. Now for dining, we have lots of great places to try. If your into Mexican, check out Mexican town by the Ambasssador bridge to see what we are really like. If you want something more upscale, try any Andiamo's Italian restaurant. They have 7 or 8 locations int he area. Lark's in Bloomfield I believe is a pretty upscale place for a nice meal. Jacket and tie are required there. Dearborn is known for Middleeastern food if you enjoy that. Dearborn has the largest population of people from the Middle East in the country and is a fun city to experience new cultures in. The Hyatt across the street from U of M Dearborn ha sone of the best restaurants in the state there. President Bush has satyed at this hotel several times. You can also look at for great shpping and dining adventures in our area. I hope this helps and have fun in our city.
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Thanks for the intel.. This is great stuff and much appreciated.
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Duveen, The Claymore Shop in Birmingham carries Ralph Lauren, Oxxford, Hickey-Freeman, Bill's Khakis, Alden etc. Carl Sterr carries more European goods (Borrelli) and is also located in Birmingham. Here's a prior discussion of Detroit suburban stores from the forum. http://<a href="http://www.styleforu......laymore</a>
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I'm sure that the "discount" on Oxxford MTM suits at the Claymore shop is no longer in effect. (It was during the trunk show in early September.) There are many wonderful upscale restaurants. But, there are many small unique eateries. For breaksfast, try TOAST on Woodward Ave. in Ferndale. Their "breakfast" creations are unbelievable. I've never experienced anything like it anywhere. If you like mussels, mashed potatoes with spinach & garlic, and rabbit, try the Belgian CADIEUX CAFE on, where else, Cadieux Ave. in Grosse Pointe. You can also try "Belgian Bowling" in the room adjacent to the restaurant. The BEST pizza in Detroit is Buddies. And the real stuff can be found at the original store on McNichols and Conant on the East side. (A horrible neighborhood, but it is safe at the restaurant. There are always policemen eating there.) Nearby Ann Arbor has nothing but great restaurants. A visit to Zingerman's Delicatessan is a must. While in AA, check out the Van Boven men's (and now women's) store on State Street near the UM campus.
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