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I don't know why I can't find a screenshot, but I remember one of the befezzed guys in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (the ones who chase them in the boat) as having a really nice gray DB pinstripe suit.
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It might be from La Dolce Vita. Although I believe these frames are Persol as well.
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This is such a dangerous topic that I don't even know where to start, but here goes. A kilt (with a "regulation" jacket); Striped trousers in the City (I have a lovely dark grey heavy flannel 3-piece -- w/postboy waistcoat -- suit whose crotch I have just had inexpertly patched. I'm thisclose to buying striped trou to wear with the jacket and w'coat). A beaver top hat. A smoking jacket at home (I still may do this). A morning coat to church on Sundays (and I don't even go to St. Thomas any more). A norfolk jacket on weekends. Unlike Jester (hi.), I'm too short and squat to carry off an inverness (but they're for sale here in Princeton any time you want to come down and try one on). 18th century dress parties. Venetian "bauta" (tricorn, mask, veil, and tabarro). That's probably enough trouble for now. C
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A short waisted "Ike" jacket with my Tuxedo....and a pair of patent leather cuban heel shoes.
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Life's too short not to enjoy yourself.... I regularly wear traditional kilts, WWII leggings, high waisted trousers (dress, frontier with leather braces, you name it), detachable collars, spectators, etc.

My brace buttons are always on the outside. Once every year or two, I grow out my moustache and wax the ends to a degree that would make Dali proud.

It is only a matter of time (in other words, money) before you will see me in everything else, from bowlers to spats....

Some people will give you a strange look or treat you badly, and I realize that I have just saved incalculable hours finding out whether or not someone is my friend. Everyone else will love you for it, whether because they appreciate the look itself or because they admire your daring.

The only rules I follow are, in order: 1) Quality. 2) Asthetics. I think carefully about the way it hits and leads the eye, from a purely detached analysis of proportions, colors, textures, shapes..., and 3) Ease. If I can not wear it and look completely natural (like Connery as 007) then I need to either get used to it in private or give it up....
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womens "boy shorts" panties.
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Ha! An old thread awakens... There are two sides to this: First, I'd really like to wear more fashion-forward clothing, but I just can't - I look awkward every time I try. On the other hand, I've worn a monocle to quite formal events, and also fezzes (what's the plural of fez?) with black tie. The king Farouk style, I suppose. In the Scandinavian countries, the studenty penchant for dressing up and "dressing up" is maybe even stronger than what I've seen of it in the UK or elsewhere. At most universities, there's more opportunity than you need to participate in various dressy or semi-costumey events, like croquet picnics, country-house weekends, various clubs that hand out semi-ironic orders and medals and stage white-tie balls, etc., you can satisfy a lot of sartorial inclinations of the type you otherwise couldn't satisfy in a day-to-day context. Total absurdity, but good fun. I would like, though, to be able to wear all sorts of hats and still feel I'm taken seriously. This would normally be regular hats, like fedoras or trilbies. On the costumey end of the scale, there's straw boaters or panamas in summer, and those astrakhan fur hats (shaped like Mobutu's leopard one), they have a name, but I forget. This is probably where one should pick one's battles.
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#1: fedora (or, actually, even a bowler) - but I just look too young to pull it off. Maybe in 10 or 15 years...

#2: suits for pretty much every daily sort of activity. I'm getting close to this, but there are still plenty of situations where my limited wardrobe, and the currently suit-adverse public cause me not to.

#2(a): three-pieced suits
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Originally Posted by cpac
#2(a): three-pieced suits
Forgot those. And plus-fours. And spats.
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Originally Posted by cpac
...#2(a): three-pieced suits

No problem here wearing those. My only problem is that I only own one. I love it (and I am not even thirty yet, not an age thing either )
Plus Tucson even in winter is too hot for any sort of suit but I persevere as A/Cs are cranked to apocalyptic levels in this town...
To go in to a St. John-style mad prophetic tirade, the second Ice Age will probably start from Tucson when suddenly the combined force of air conditioners blowing at 73 F makes the whole area go supernova
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Sometimes, when it's extremely hot out, I think that I'd love to wear shalwar kameez. Then I remember I'm white, and it is very, very hard to look like more of a putz then a white guy in "ethnic" dress.
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How do you think this would look on a "winter" person, pale skin/black hair...?

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Originally Posted by javyn
How do you think this would look on a "winter" person, pale skin/black hair...?

Yowza. Holy electric fairyland, Batman
More seriously, I don't know Javyn. It is rather bright, I would imagine it would suit darker complexions better.
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Javyn beat me to it.

I'd happily wear closely fitted, colorful, double breasted suits. Purple, bottle green, burnt orange, like that. Shoes to match. Lots of velvet also. And a nehru jacket.
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I saw Ozwald Boateng wear a bright orange suit with a white shirt and black tie that somehow looked amazing on him but would give anyone else 'pimp status'.

I also would like to be able to wear a fedora. And look like Cary Grant. Not like an 18 year old Asian guy who can't pull off a fedora.
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