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I've got knockknees due to health problems as a kid.  THey're something I'm very sensitive about. I'd be a regular 38S if it weren't for my frickin' knees.  Most pairs of trousers I try on seem to either excacerbate my legs looking crumbled, or are so baggy I look like I'm wearing clownpants.   This, to me, throws off the entire look of a suit - the top will look fitted and the bottom won't.  At all.  (This is compounded by me being a 33" waist/29.5" leg; an odd size for RTW it seems.) Can anyone recommend brands of trousers, or styles, or trouser-cut tips - anything - that could help lessen this?  Something that will help my legs look straighter when I stand and will help the trousers 'flow' naturally when I walk.