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Fabric Cost for Shirts

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Anyone with some specifics? I have a local shirtmaker who provides a rather limited selection of lower-grade fabrics and I'm thinking about going out on my own to find some and supply them to her for my shirts. Any rough pricing would be appreciated for basic solids(medium weight) super 100s, 120s, 140s, 180s, etc. Thomas Mason, Acorn, and other quality swiss and italian cottons that I can be introduced to would be appreciated. Also - any recommendations on local fabric shops to supply me with these goods that aren't opposed to dealing directly with a consumer instead of a merchant? Also - if they can supply a range of buttons that would be even better.
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New York is the only city that will have fabric stores with a decent selection of shirt fabric. Most Fabric store have very low end shirtting fabrics. Carl
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Any shops you can recommend? How about pricing - what should I look for as reasonable? Any advice is appreciated.
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There's a decent shop on K Street in DC, around 18th Street, I think. I have not bought from them, so I don't know the prices. They had some interesting stripes and checks.
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I don't know in USA, here in Milano they start from €25 per meter to €100 and upper. Anyway at 25€ you still have a very good fabric.
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inpa where are you located? Carl
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I'm just south of Philadelphia currently - shortly moving to the Delaware beach area. I travel frequently throughout the east coast so any recommendations are appreciated.
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You can check out Kinkus Fabrics in South Phila. they are on South 4th street below south street I think. G street fabrics in Chevy chase. LEt me know if you come to NYC. I can always sell you some fabric. Which shirtmaker down there are you going to? Carl
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