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C&J Weymouth vs Alfred Sargent Westminster

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Guys, what do you think of this shoes from A.S. How would you rate it in terms of look, quality, and construction compare to CJ Weymouth?
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I don't know about quality and construction, but I would pick the weymouth. It has a more elongated proportion which I like. Also, the toe on the Westminster is a little boring. The finish does look first-rate, on the other hand.
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The AS is a well constructed shoe, but the last is lacking. The Weymouth is in another league - both in looks and construction.
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Dr Bresch has a pair of Alfred Sargent Shaftesburys, which is just the Westminster model in a different colour.  His posts and pics on Ask Andy's: here here here here and here. Also, I'm pretty sure Shipton & Heneage's wholecuts in their Premium range are exactly the same shoes (even down to the names for most of the models.) so it might be easier and/or cheaper to get the shoes from them instead.
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I can't really comment on the AS's as I haven't seen them in person, but my C&J Weymouths in dark brown antique arrived an hour ago and let me say... Wow. I am impressed. This is my second pair of handgrades (first are Aintrees in beige) and I recommend them wholeheartedly. Also, P Lal is highly recommended. Less than $400 usd delivered. The prices cannot be beat and the service is exceptional.
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I have the Salisbury and have never seen the Weymouth in person. But with that caveat, if you have the money, buy the Weymouth. Its last and finish look more elegant to me than the AS wholecuts. My main complaint about the Salisbury is that it is a fine shoe, especially for the money and after its first polish, but it has a clumsy last that is just not to my taste, as do all AS's premier models (so far as I can tell).
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The AS is a well constructed shoe, but the last is lacking.
This is absolutely correct. Wholecuts can look like blobs if the last isn't well-designed. The AS wholecuts have this problem, the Weymouth doesn't.
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I think i like weymouth last more as well. But I am not too excited about those detailing on toe. Because of the detailing, I feel that it will limit versitility that I am looking for in shoes.
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Is the weymouth design considered more or less formal than the typical captoe? I know the medallion on the toe would be considered less, but what about the otherwise plain nature of the shoe (not exactly sure what the lack of closed/open lacing is referred to as).
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I'll say that it's less formal than a pair of captoes. But I think it would acceptable in an American business setting.
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