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Wrestling gear?

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A friend of mine has gotten into the habit of wearing high school or college wrestling gear - hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts and even ball caps. Despite looking like he came right off the mats, my friend has never wrestled a day in his life. He claims that by giving off the wrestler vibe he is putting off a vibe of confidence and sex appeal too both women and other men. What do others think about this?
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can you say "loser"?
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Back in the 80's Dave Letterman wore wrestling shoes on Late Night with his jacket and tie. He moved to loafers when he went to CBS, and some mighty sharp db suits.
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I wrestled in high school and my first two years of college. I can't possibly see how wrestling gear would be fashionable in any non-athletic setting. To put it bluntly, I think your friend is being a tool.
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Does your friend have body of wrestler? If you are stacked with muscle, yeah, that may create such vibe. But woman loves sharply dressed man, period. If you want to pick up well dressed sexy woman, he better ditch that wrestling gears.
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If he's wearing those plastic wrestling helmets, he risks looking, er, challenged. And putting off a wrestling vibe to other men might backfire; my friends who wrestle sometimes mention the unfortunate occasions on the mat when they would get their, um, "oil checked." Wrestling shoes kind of fit in with the current wave of thin soled, unstructured shoes (though these seem more driving shoe-inspired). They're all odd high tops though, and IMHO should be relegated to strictly Greco-Roman settings. adidas Men's Ferox
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Ben Sherman had some decent-looking vintage-style wrestling shoes a while back. I almost purchased a pair on Bluefly.
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I'm quite sure that the sophisticated ladies at the bowling alley may just find him very attractive.
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is this the same thing as the fancy stylish over the shoulder wrestling outfit andre the giant wore?
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Wrestling shoes were very much in vogue (or at least it seemed so) when I went to Italy 3 years ago.  Maybe not in 'fashion' per se, but significantly prevelant in the media/ads.  I saw it trickle into America, but the look never really caught on.  Since American fashion tends to lag behind the rest of the world, I wouldn't be shocked if it eventually did catch on here.  I also wouldn't be shocked if it never caught on, as I didn't really like the look in the first place.  *shrug* Oh, and your friend is a total poseur.
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You have no idea how happy i am to read replies like 'loser' and 'poser'. I should trust my instincts next time and just tell him up-front about this unfortunate new trend.
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Your friend is a knob. Strike him with the backside of your hand.
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Being someone needed wrestling boots for grappling (albeit being a bad grappler), I think people who wear them for fashion purposes are generally knobbers. Same goes for people who wear martial arts training shoes for the same purposes. To compound the problem, people don't dress like this because of some individual fashion quirk, something I can appreciate, but because it's 'the look' in middle road chainstores, as pushed by lowest common demoninator men's/celebrity/crappy music/gadget/celebrity/lifestyle magazines.
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Wrestling shoes were really popular in Europe among teenagers last year....
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Perhaps he could put a blazer over his wrestling gear and really be on the cutting edge?
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