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Hey, I'm new to this board (thanks to Andrew). I went into Bijan once and i looked at two things (out of curiosity not wanting to buy) and 1 was a $450 cashmere tie and one was a pair of $1,250 suede shoes, neither seemed anything special, so 7K suits seem about right for this place.
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Discostu, great to have you here. Welcome. Ferry
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If you want to talk about ridiculous overpricing of designer wear, check out this Zegna T-shirt at BlueFly It's just cotton and polypro, FFS.
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Damn, you think that's a bad deal for that Zegna t-shirt? Maybe I made a mistake. I just bought 7 of them -- one for every day of the week. Didn't you read the description, it "retains body heat." That way, when I wear it I get really hot and create pit stains. I can't believe you think 399 for that t-shirt is overpriced.
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Yeah, now that stripes, checks and florals have run their course, pit stains are the next big thing. All the fashionistas in Milan are liberally stained, and it's fabulous.
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That's pretty funny. Somebody screwed up...
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